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Fruitland Theme

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Theme History

The Fruitland Theme was introduced to the wShop & eStore in March 2011.

In March 2015, three new items were added: Watermelon Sink, Pineapple Window, and Watermelon Kitchen Island. In March 2015, the Strawberry Grape Couch did not return to the wShop.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:applebed.png Apple Bed wShop 550 KC
File:bananacoffeetable.png Banana Coffee Table wShop 650 KC
File:Fruitlandflooring.png Fruitland Flooring wShop 150 KC
File:Fruitlandwallpaper.png Fruitland Wallpaper wShop 150 KC
FIle:grapewallclock.png Grape Wall Clock wShop 235 KC
File:Kiwichair.png Kiwi Chair wShop 135 KC
File:Lemonchair.png Lemon Chair wShop 135 KC
File:limeslicesidetable.png Lime Slice Side Table wShop 180 KC
FIle:peachfloorlamp.png Peach Floor Lamp wShop 190 KC
File:Pearchair.png Pear Chair wShop 135 KC
File:Pineapplediningtable.png Pineapple Dining Table wShop 275 KC
File:Pineapplewindow.png Pineapple Window wShop 430 KC
File:Strawberrychair.png Strawberry Chair wShop 135 KC
File:strawberrygrapecouch.png Strawberry Grape Couch wShop (Retired-
Did not return to wShop in March 2015.)
750 KC
File:Watermeloncounter.png Watermelon Counter wShop 490 KC
File:Watermelonfridge.png Watermelon Fridge wShop 775 KC
File:Watermelonkitchenisland.png Watermelon Kitchen Island wShop 680 KC
File:watermelonpool.png Watermelon Pool Ganz eStore Regular: 7,000
Deluxe: 6,000
File:Watermelonsink.png Watermelon Sink wShop 500 KC
File:Watermelonstove.png Watermelon Stove wShop 580 KC

Theme Clothing

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:piningforpineappledress.png Pining for Pineapple Dress Ganz eStore Regular: 2,000
Deluxe: 1,500
File:piningforpineapplehat.png Pining for Pineapple Hat Ganz eStore Regular: 2,000
Deluxe: 1,500

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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