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Fried Callistorm

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Fried Callistorm is a stove recipe made with eggs, pancakes, and pizza.

It was solved on April 5, 2008, and not solved by a Webkinz Insider member.

The recipe was released on October 31, 2007, along with four other recipes: Chortletorte, Fluffed Snuglapuffin, Miellabeelado, and Trickle Treacle.

This recipe was solved five months and five days after its release date.

Appliance Ingredients
File:Stove Large.png 713-1.png 119-1.png 117-1.png
Stove Eggs Pancakes Pizza

The Webkinz Newz has this to say about the recipe: "Somehow, a continuous supply of sprinkles rains down from this puffy dish - it's amazing! Even top chefs find this recipe quite difficult to explain."

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