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Freefalling Maze

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The Freefalling Maze is part of the Dead End Dangers Maze Set.

Maze Goal: Reach the end within 2:10 (in ball) or 2:40 (on foot)

MAZIN' Moolah to collect: 101 MM

Reward: 100 KC for 1st. win. ? KC for 2nd. win.

The Freefalling maze contains 18 Rooms and 128 Tubes.

Direction Wallpaper
Take first Left and then immediately Right on Riverbank Raindrop. Riverbankraindropsdesignmaze.png
Turn Right immediately after the wallpaper changes to Party Time Partytimedesignmaze.png
Take first Left through the Colorful Car Wash Room 130px-Carwash.JPG
Wallpaper will again be Party Time. Partytimedesignmaze.png
At the crossroads on Palace Princess Wallpaper, turn Left and then immediately turn Right Palaceprincessdesignmaze.png
At the crossroads on Patty Wallpaper, turn Left and then immediately turn Right Partytimedesignmaze.png
Let yourself fall down, down until you reach Night Cityscape Wallpaper Nightcityscapedesigmaze.png
Go Right at crossroads on Night Cityscape Wallpaper, Nightcityscapedesigmaze.png
Continue straight (ignoring any turns) until you reach the Elevator (this will be the rightmost elevator) which will take you down Elevatortubemaze.png
At the bottom of the elevator, you will be on Night Cityscape Wallpaper again; follow it until it changes to Blue Lectronix Wallpaper Nightcityscapedesigmaze.png
Turn Left at the T on Blue Lectronix and follow it (ignoring any turns) to the leftmost Foosball Room Bluelectronixdesignmaze.png
Go straight through the Foosball Room Foosballroom.png
Continue straight after the Foosball Room until you reach the Finish Room. Finishroommaze.png
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