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Fortune Teller Messages

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There are several items in Webkinz World that give out "fortunes" or "messages" when clicked on.

Here is a collection of the messages you can get from each item.


Antique Fashion Mirror


The Antique Fashion Mirror is an Adoption Exclusive.

  • But of course!
  • Could you repeat the question?
  • Hmmm, not likely.
  • How should I say this, no.
  • I am sure of it!
  • I hate to be the one to tell you this but, no.
  • I have some good news: Yes!
  • I'll have to get back to you on that one.
  • It's not looking good.
  • It's your lucky day!
  • I've got good news: maybe!
  • Let me see, probably!
  • My guess is as good as yours.
  • There is a chance.
  • Wow. Great question!
  • Yes for now.
  • Yes indeed.
  • Yes, I mean no, I mean, maybe.
  • You will just have to wait and see.

Cranky Fortune Teller

File:crankyfortuneteller.png File:crankyfortunetellermessage.png

The Cranky Fortune Teller is an eStore item.

  • What was the question again?
  • I could go for a slice of bat wing cake.
  • Why do pets keep asking me this stuff?
  • MORE

Crystal Advisor Ball

697-1.png File:crystaladvisorballmessageexample.png

The Crystal Advisor Ball is a seasonal Halloween Item.

  • A good costume will earn you lots of candy.
  • Be sure to trick or treat with other boils and ghouls!
  • Candy is sweetest when shared with a friend.
  • Dress up like a ghost and you'll be boo-tiful!
  • Every vampire just wants a tomb with a view!
  • Have you seen Chef Gazpacho's costume? He's Frankenswine!
  • How do monsters travel? On scareplanes.
  • If you are searching for a vampire, try using a Bloodhound.
  • If you're driving with a ghost, fasten your sheetbelt!
  • Little monsters love to play hide and shriek!
  • Many smiling pumpkins are in your immediate future.
  • Many tricks and treats are in your future!
  • Vampires are a pain in the neck.
  • What did Plumpy name her jack-o-lantern? Plumpkin!
  • What did the little pharaoh want? His Mummy!
  • What do monsters like for dessert? Ice SCREAM!
  • What does Ms. Birdy say at Halloween? Trick or tweet!
  • What is a ghost's favorite pie? Boo-berry, of course!
  • What is the best Halloween lunch? A sand-witch!

Fortune Telling Pig Statue

648-1.png File:fortunetellingpigstatuemessageexample.png

The Fortune Telling Pig Statue is the PSI for the Webkinz Pig.

  • A friend will need help with all snorts of things.
  • A penny saved is a mudburger earned.
  • A pig in the pen is worth two in the field.
  • A piglet in need is a pig indeed
  • Always lend a helping hoof.
  • Be sure not to hog all the attention, today.
  • Be sure to oink loudly to be heard.
  • Cleanliness is a waste of good mud.
  • Every pig has a pink lining.
  • Everyone loves a positive piglet!
  • Every time you stop to smell the roses, be sure to eat one too.
  • Follow your snout to find fun today!
  • Good things come to pigs that wallow.
  • Life is like a slop bucket; it has a little bit of everything in it.
  • Never judge a pig by his snout
  • Oink and the world oinks with you, grunt and you grunt alone.
  • People will love you, warthogs and all.
  • Someone might be a bit of a boar today.
  • There's more to life than mud and slop.
  • This is an excellent day to go hog wild.
  • Your day will be full of mud and mirth.
  • Your day will be full of piggish wonder.

Googles Scrying Pond

1470-1.png File:googlescryingpondmessageexample.png

The Googles Scrying Pond is the PSI for the Webkinz Googles.

All messages start with "The Scrying Pond says:"

  • A Googles and his KinzCash are soon parted.
  • A small Googles can bring great joy.
  • A sparkly object will catch your eye.
  • Beware of falling porcupines!
  • Beware of sticky situations.
  • Expect some unexpected visitors.
  • Happiness is next to googliness.
  • It'll happen, when Googles fly!
  • Keep your eyes open for something small and green.
  • Keep your eyes open or you'll miss an important detail.
  • Keep your flippers flat on the ground today.
  • KinzCash will be yours if you are willing to play.
  • Life can be like a bowl of noodles; twisty and delicious.
  • Listen carefully today and you never know what you'll hear!
  • Much KinzCash can be earned by the wise Webkinz.
  • Something purple will cause trouble.
  • Surprises are sudden, and possibly loud.
  • There is nothing to fear but scary things.
  • Things will go exactly as you hoped.
  • Things will not go exactly as you planned.
  • Today is a good day for learning something new.
  • Tonight will bring some unexpected news.
  • Watch where you step today!
  • You can count on something sweet in your future!
  • You should be a good friend today.
  • You should wish on a star tonight.
  • You will find deliciousness in a large stack of pancakes.
  • You will hear clever things from a Scrying pond today.
  • You'll almost forget something important today.
  • You'll find happiness at the bottom of a large bag of cookies.

Magic 9 Ball

2831-1.png File:magic9ballmessageexample.png

The Magic 9 Ball is a Pet of the Month Exclusive Item.

  • But of course
  • Could you repeat the question?
  • Hmmm....not likely
  • Hmmm....that's a tough one
  • How should I say
  • I am sure of it
  • I don't think so
  • I hate to be the one to tell you this
  • I have some good news: yes
  • If I told you it would ruin the surprise
  • I'll have to get back to you on that one
  • It's not looking good
  • It's your lucky day
  • I've got good news: maybe
  • Let me see....probably
  • My guess is as good as yours
  • Probably
  • Sorry, but no
  • There is a chance
  • Wow great question
  • Yes for now
  • Yes indeed
  • Yes...I mean no...I mean maybe
  • You'll just have to wait and see

Three Wishes Genie Lamp

2720-1.png FIle:threewishesgenielampmessageexample.png

The Three Wishes Genie Lamp is the PSI for the Webkinz Grey Arabian.

  • I think today is a good day to play in the Arcade!
  • Today looks like a good day for playing a game!
  • Today will be full of surprises.
  • Watch where you're walking today!
  • You will hear from a friend today.
  • You will surprise yourself today.
  • You will win some KinzCash at the Wishing Well.
  • You'll get a prize from the Wheel of WOW!
  • Your day will be filled with lots of good luck!
  • Your imagination will be working hard today.

Webkinz Wishing Well

659-1.png File:webkinzwishingwellmessageexample.png

The Webkinz Wishing Well is an Adoption Exclusive.

  • Concentrate really hard and try again!
  • Doesn't look like that wish will come true!
  • Good News! Your wish will come true!'
  • Guess what? Your wish will come true!
  • If you really want it, your wish will come true!
  • Oh no! Your wish has been lost in the well!
  • One wish, granted!
  • Please try again. The wishing well lost your wish.
  • Sorry! We can't grant your wish right now!
  • The wishing well can't grant your wish right now.
  • The Wishing Well will try to grant your wish!
  • Think about your wish and try again!
  • Try wishing again later!
  • Uh oh! Your wish was lost in the well!
  • We're happy to say your wish is granted!
  • Your wish can't be granted right now!
  • Your wish can't come true right now!
  • Your wish has been granted!
  • Your wish has been sent into the wishing well!
  • Your wish is going to be granted soon!
  • Your wish might come true in the distant future.
  • Your wish might come true.
  • Your wish might not come true right now.
  • Your wish was lost on the way down the well!
  • Your wish will come true in a couple of months!
  • Your wish will come true soon!
  • Your wish will come true within the year!
  • Your wish will come true!

Wise Wizard Hat


The Wise Wizard Hat is from the Ganz eStore.

  • Good news is on its way to you
  • Your greatest fortune is the large number of friends you have
  • Your efforts at the Kinzville Academy will pay off sooner or later
  • Something you lost will soon turn up
  • The beginning of wisdom is to want it
  • Your flare for magic takes an important place in your life
  • A pleasant surprise is in store for you
  • Look for new outlets for your magical abilities
  • A magical day is in your immediate future
  • You have a deep appreciation for the wizardly arts