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Football Theme

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Theme History

The Football Theme was one of the original wShop themes in Webkinz World. It was introduced in 2005.

It was later retired on July 17, 2013.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
516-1.png Football Banner wShop 60 KC
466-1.png Football Bed wShop 800 KC
518-1.png Football Bleacher Seat wShop 150 KC
469-1.png Football Chair wShop 100 KC
506-1.png Football Coffee Table wShop 225 KC
515-1.png Football Cooler Side Table wShop 110 KC
467-1.png Football Dining Chair wShop 135 KC
468-1.png Football Dining Table wShop 275 KC
213-1.png Football Flooring wShop 90 KC
511-1.png Football Fridge wShop 650 KC
510-1.png Football Grill wShop 775 KC
517-1.png Football Jersey Decoration wShop 65 KC
508-1.png Football Locker wShop 150 KC
514-1.png Football Room Divider wShop 100 KC
470-1.png Football Sofa wShop 750 KC
507-1.png Football Television wShop 700 KC
513-1.png Football Toy box wShop 185 KC
512-1.png Football Trophy Stand wShop 175 KC
519-1.png Football Tub wShop 1100 KC
214-1.png Football Wallpaper wShop 100 KC
509-1.png Football Water Cooler wShop 125 KC
465-1.png Stadium Lighting Lamp wShop 150 KC

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