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Flutterbugged is a Webkinz World Arcade game. It was added to the site on March 30, 2011.



The object of Flutterbugged is to help Fiona avoid the Flutterbugs. The Flutterbugs think Fiona is a Candy Carnation. If they touch her they will tickle her, and if she is tickled too much she will laugh too hard and the game will end.

Get rid of the Flutterbugs by leading them to the Carnations. They will disappear once they touch a Carnation. The longer the Flutterbugs stay on the screen, the faster they become.


Use the arrow keys to control Fiona. You can move up, down, left, right, and diagonally.


The Flutterbugged Trophy is awarded when you reach 5000 points.



There is one MyPage badge available from Flutterbugged, the FlutterBugged Sheppard Badge.

The badge is awarded by achieving a score of 2500 points or more. As of at least November 2011 a message will pop up during the game to indicate the badge is awarded; it is added to MyPage.


  • Move diagonally and in circles to avoid the Flutterbugs.
  • At the beginning of the game, lure the Flutterbugs into the Candy Carnations individually before a large swarm accumulates.

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Flutterbugged is 31,875 by member RobertFrog.