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Floridisa is a stove recipe made with french fries, kiwi fruit, and orange.

It was solved by Webkinz Insider member monkeecj on August 9, 2008.

The recipe was released on August 6, 2008, along with four other recipes: Mount Snococo, Pomeadrone Punch, Poppaballoo, and Serpentash Squash.

This recipe was solved three days after its release date.

Appliance Ingredients
File:Stove Large.png 118-1.png 1520-1.png 74-1.png
Stove French Fries Kiwi Fruit Orange

The Webkinz Newz has this to say about the recipe: "When you try a Floridisa, you'll feel like you've taken a trip to the tropics!"

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