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Fireplace Collection

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Picture Name Furniture or Object How to Get
File:Autumnfireplace.png Autumn Fireplace Ganz eStore
Aztec Fire Pit Furniture Curio Shop Rare, Aztec Theme
File:Blueavenuefireplace.png Blue Avenue Fireplace Ganz eStore
Calming Campfire Stove Furniture Signature Endangered Exclusive, Signature Endangered Theme
Camping Firepit Furniture Ganz eStore
File:Candycanelanefireplace.png Candy Cane Lane Fireplace Candy Cane Collection Event 2014
Cheery Chimney Fireplace Furniture Christmas, Santakinz Workshop theme
File:Cleanandgreenfireplace.gif Clean and Green Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore, Green Leaf theme
File:Cozycountryfireplace.png Cozy Country Fireplace Ganz eStore
File:Cozywoodlandfireplace.png Cozy Woodland Fireplace Furniture wShop
Elegant Manor Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore, Renaissance Palace theme
Fabled Fireplace Object Griffin PSI
File:Fairydenfireplace.png Fairy Den Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore Promotion
File:Fantasystablefireplace.png Fantasy Stable Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore
4501-1.png Fashionable Gas Fireplace Object Signature Exclusive, Signature theme
Fear Filled Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore, Halloween
Festivefireplace.png Festive Fireplace Furniture Christmas Ornaments Series 1 Grand Prize
6402-1.png Fictional Fireplace Furniture Luck Dragon PSI
File:Fiestafireplace.png Fiesta Fireplace Ganz eStore
Frosty Fireplace Furniture Snowman PSI
File:Grandmosaicfireplace.png Grand Mosaic Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore Fall Mystery Promo
File:Homefortheholidaysfireplace.png Home for the Holidays Fireplace wShop
1930-1.png Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace Furniture Clydesdale PSI
File:Neogothicfireplace.png Neo Gothic Fireplace Furniture Rare Item - Neo Gothic Theme
2579-1.png Paw Print Fireplace Furniture Charcoal Cat PSI
File:Polkadotfireplace.png Polka Dot Fireplace Furniture Polka Dot Pup PSI
File:Santakinziscomingfireplace.png SantaKinz is Coming Fireplace Furniture Ganz eStore
637-1.png Ski Lodge Fireplace Furniture St. Bernard PSI
9220-1.png Underwater Fireplace Furniture Lionfish PSI
File:Winterwonderlandfireplace.png Winter Wonderland Fireplace wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items

Fireplace Trivia


This fireplace, shown in the Dogs Theme preview, has never been released. This nonexistent fireplace has also been featured in the POTM video, "The Dog on the Front of the Tag".

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