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Fast Food Theme

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Theme History

The Fast Food Theme is a theme related to the Arcade Game Spree. It was introduced in April 2011.

Theme Preview

File:Fast Food Theme Preview.png

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Fastfoodboothchair.png Fast Food Booth Chair Spree Prize 300 Credits
File:Fastfoodboothtable.png Fast Food Booth Table Spree Prize 350 Credits
File:Fastfoodchair.png Fast Food Chair Spree Prize 80 Credits
File:Fastfoodcounter.png Fast Food Counter Spree Prize 600 Credits
File:Fastfoodflooring.png Fast Food Flooring Spree Prize 75 Credits
File:Fastfoodfryer.png Fast Food Fryer Spree Prize 700 Credits
File:Fastfoodhotcounter.png Fast Food Hot Counter Spree Prize 650 Credits
Fastfoodmenu.png Fast Food Menu Curio Shop Only (Arte's Favorite) Item 650KC
Fastfoodrecyclingstation.png Fast Food Recycling Station Curio Shop Only (Arte's Favorite) Item 800KC
File:fastfoodtable.png Fast Food Table Spree Prize 300 Credits
File:Fastfoodwallpaper.png Fast Food Wallpaper Spree Prize 75 Credits
File:Sodafountainfridge.png Soda Fountain Fridge Spree Prize 700 Credits

Theme Clothing

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:fastfoodwaiteroutfitcostume.png Fast Food Waiter Outfit (Costume) Spree Prize [1]
File:fastfoodwaitervisor.png Fast Food Waiter Visor Spree Prize [1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 The Fast Food Waiter Outfit has two parts: the costume and the visor. They cannot be purchased separately. The cost to purchase both items is 400 credits. The costume can also be won separately in Webkinz Friends.

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