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Fashion Class

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General Description

This course has more to do with memory than fashion. One at a time, models walk down the runway in front of you sporting different Webkinz World fashions. I spotted many KinzStyle items, but most clothing seems to come from the W-Shop. After the model leaves the runway, you must remember what the model was wearing. You will be given a few options for each item and 30 seconds to figure it out. Level one only deals with shirts and pants, but the pictures included with the instructions seem to indicate that glasses, shoes, and hats may be used in higher levels.[1]

Fashion Class Screenshot


Level 5

File:action_dance.jpgWhen you complete level 5 with your first pet you will get the Dance action.

Level 10

As each pet passes level 10 you will receive one Academy Fashion Class Gift Box From it you may choose ONE item:

(The superstar makeup vanity is newer than the other prizes and was added in June 2016.)[2]

If seven pets pass level 10, you will have enough boxes for all seven prizes.
Kinzville Academy Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

From FIA's post - KA prizes[3]


If you have tips that could help others in this class please add them here!

  • If you run out of time the computer will use your last guess
  • Even if you have enough points to pass the class you must not exit from it early or it will be considered a failure
  • Try repeating the outfit over in your head to help you remember
  • Work in the same order over and over again (ie; remember top, pants, and hat in same order for all models)
  • Try writing the combination down if saying it in your head doesn't work
  • Say the order out loud if it's easier than saying them in your head