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Farm Theme

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Theme History

The Farm Theme (aka Country Theme) is made up of "curio shop only" items. The Wagon Wheel Table can be found in the prizes for filling up a jar in Jumbleberry Fields.

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Base Price[1]
198-1.png Apple Chair Curio Shop 140 KC
187-1.png Country Bed Curio Shop 350 KC
200-1.png Country Cabinet Curio Shop 450 KC
182-1.png Orange Table Curio Shop 140 KC
201-1.png Pineapple Lamp Curio Shop 45 KC
209-1.png Wagon Wheel Sofa Curio Shop 250 KC
178-1.png Wagon Wheel Table Curio Shop 250 KC
189-1.png Wooden Chair Curio Shop 95 KC
203-1.png Wooden Coffee Table Curio Shop 75 KC
183-1.png Wooden Stool Curio Shop 65 KC
  1. Arte may raise the price of these items by up to 20%, or he may mark them down by as much as 40%. His prices are totally random.

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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