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Farm Item Collection

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Here's a start. It's everything with the word "farm" in the name or description.

Picture Name Item Type Exchange Value
Milk "farm fresh" wShop food
198-1.png Apple Chair CSO Item
File:Farmwallpaper.png Farm Wallpaper wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Farm Flooring wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
File:Farming frenzy.jpg Farming Frenzy Game wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
File:growinggardenscabbageseeds.png Farm Fresh Cabbage + Seeds wShop
File:growinggardenscarrotseeds.png Farm Fresh Bunch of Carrots + Seeds wShop
File:growinggardenscornseeds.png Farm Fresh Corn + Seeds wShop
File:growinggardenspumpkinseeds.png Farm Fresh Pumpkin + Seeds wShop
File:growinggardensstrawberryseeds.png Farm Fresh Strawberries + Seeds wShop
File:growinggardenstomatoseeds.png Farm Fresh Tomato + Seeds wShop
File:growinggardenswatermelonseeds.png Farm Fresh Watermelon + Seeds wShop
3169-1.png Farm Tractor Exclusive Item
5323-1.png On the Farm Alarm Clock Pet Specific Item
5328-1.png Farm Fresh Candy Canes + Seeds Pet Specific Item
Farmershat.png Farmer's Hat Jumbleberry Fields Prize
Farmersoveralls.png Farmer's Overalls Jumbleberry Fields Prize
5623-1.png Farmer's Boots Jumbleberry Fields Prize
Berryfarmwindow.png Berry Farm Window Jumbleberry Fields Prize
Berryfarmscarecrow.png Berry Farm Scarecrow Jumbleberry Fields Prize
5910-1.png Farm Fresh Marshmallows + Seeds Pet Specific Item

Foods in WW