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Fairy Tale Theme

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Theme History

The Fantasy Theme was introduced to the wShop in ???.

In March 2010, the "Fantasy Theme" name was changed to "Fairy Tale Theme".

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Availability Cost
180-1.png Clawfoot Bathtub wShop 1,200 KC
480-1.png Fabled Grand Table wShop 1,100 KC
238-1.png Fancy Table wShop Deluxe Only: 250 KC
1043-1.png Fantastic Fantasy Flooring wShop 125 KC
472-1.png Fantasy Coffee Table wShop 495 KC
485-1.png Fantasy Dresser wShop 675 KC
3162-1.png Fantasy Trophy Pedestal wShop 150 KC
483-1.png Imperial Head Chair wShop 500 KC
1153-1.png Kingdom-in-the-Clouds Wallpaper wShop 125 KC
240-1.png Magic Mirror wShop Deluxe Only: 200 KC
476-1.png Magic Mirror Vanity wShop 415 KC
475-1.png Magical Lantern wShop 225 KC
479-1.png Majestic Dining Chair wShop 375 KC
482-1.png Mystical Ottoman wShop 480 KC
484-1.png Pandora's Toy Box wShop 425 KC
481-1.png Princess Bed wShop Deluxe Only: 1,750 KC
473-1.png Princess Couch wShop 775 KC
471-1.png Princess Television wShop Deluxe Only: 900 KC
477-1.png Winged Throne wShop 425 KC

Theme Trivia


The rocking horse shown in the theme preview has not been released.

On April 21st, 2010, in response to a question, Ganz posted the following statement on Twitter:

"We decided that a rocking horse that doesn't actually rock isn't much fun. So no it will not be released any time soon."

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