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Enchanted Train Station Theme

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Theme History

The Enchanted Train Station Theme is the first deluxe only wShop theme. It was released on November 7th, 2012. One piece of the theme is available at the Curio Shop and two pieces are available at the Ganz eStore.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Enchantedsteamtrain.png Enchanted Steam Train wShop 2,500 KC
File:Enchantedtrainstationflooring.png Enchanted Train Station Flooring wShop 1,000 KC
File:Enchantedtrainstationpillar.png Enchanted Train Station Pillar wShop 750 KC
File:Enchantedtrainticketbooth.png Enchanted Train Station Ticket Booth wShop 2,200 KC
File:Enchantedtrainstationwalllight.png Enchanted Train Station Wall Light wShop 250 KC
File:Enchantedtrainstationwallsign.png Enchanted Train Station Wall Sign wShop 225 KC
File:Enchantedtrainstationwallpaper.png Enchanted Train Station Wallpaper wShop 1,500 KC
File:Northernexpresstrain.png Northern Express Train eStore Deluxe 6,000
File:Ornatecaboose.png Ornate Caboose eStore Deluxe 5,000
File:Railwaytrackscurved.png Railway Tracks Curved wShop 300 KC
File:Railwaytracksstraight.png Railway Tracks Straight wShop 300 KC
File:Trainplatformdivider.png Train Platform Divider wShop 1,150 KC
File:Trainstationfloorclock.png Train Station Floor Clock wShop 1,050 KC
File:Trainstationluggagetrolley.png Train Station Luggage Trolley wShop 500 KC
File:Trainstationrubbishbin.png Train Station Rubbish Bin wShop 260 KC
File:Waitingstationbed.png Waiting Station Bed wShop 2,200 KC
File:Wildwesttrain.png Wild West Train Curio Shop 2900 KC

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