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Enchanted Party Room

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Click HERE to learn more about scheduling parties in the Party Rooms.



What to recreate this room in your house? Here's what you'll need:

Picture Name Item Type
4902-1.png Ascended Princess Throne Rares
4986-1.png Baroness Bookshelf Rares
5044-1.png Colossal Versailles Vase eStore
4960-1.png Contessa Candle Lamp Rares
4954-1.png Contessa Candle Wall Sconce Rares
5078-1.png Diamond Piano PSI - Diamond Doggy
5043-1.png Grand Palace Harpsichord Stool eStore
File:Hippoonahalfshellpainting.png Hippo on a Half Shell Painting wShop
1581-1.png Knight of the Round Rares
5678-1.png Lovely Stained Glass Window PSI - Love Lion
5085-1.png Luxury Palace Wallpaper eStore
5041-1.png Majestic Meals Dining Chair eStore
5040-1.png Majestic Meals Dining Table eStore
1512-1.png Medieval Side Table Curio Shop Only
1579-1.png Medieval Stone Column Rares
File:Moonberrymagiccake.png Moonberry Magic Cake n/a
5037-1.png Palace Splendor Sofa eStore
1318-1.png Sleeping Dragon Bed Retired Super Bed Exclusive
5046-1.png Solid Gold Candelabra eStore
4959-1.png Sovereign Stained Glass Window Rares
File:Spiderplant.png Spider Plant wShop
File:Spiralspiretreeplant.png Spiral Spire Tree Plant eStore
2365-1.png Wizard Flooring wShop



The Enchanted Party Room Pack was introduced in the wShop in 2010.

Enchanted Party Food

During Enchanted Parties, there are three exclusives foods you can get:

Picture Name How It's Earned
926-1.png Jar of Super Jellybeans Jellybean Challenge
File:Jellybeanspile.png Jellybean Pile Pinata
File:Pieceofmoonberrymagiccake.png Piece of Moonberry Magic Cake Clicking the Moonberry Magic Cake