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Elevator Frustration Maze

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Elevation Frustration (medium)

Maze Goal: Collect all 7 flags.

MAZIN' Moolah to collect: 41 MM

Reward: 40 KC for first win.

The Elevation Frustration Maze contains 7 Rooms and 115 Tubes.

use the climbing up the vertical drops tip so you can keep getting back to the starting level and this should save you some time from not going down tubes that have no flags

these directions are all from going up the elevator facing the 3 drops:

presto blue tube

right drop 1 flag

straight drop 2 flags

sunshine tube

straight drop 1 flag

left drop 1 flag

green ivy tube

straight drop 1 flag

left drop 1 flag

purple stars

right drop 2 flags

party tube

right drop 1 flag

left drop 2 flags

then I just kinda ran around to find the last 6:

1 next to trapeze

1 next to cannon

1 next to fireplace room

I think the other 3 were on the ramp ways going up

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