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Elephant Item Collection

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HM007.png HM167.png HM3000.png

Picture Name Item Type Exchange Value
1341-1.png Big Top Circus Bed Super Bed (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
1675-1.png Circle of Friends Topiary Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
1193-1.png DiceKinz Elephant PetPack wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
Elephantfeet.png Elephant Costume - Feet Halloween (WIGEV) Halloween Items
Elephanthat.png Elephant Costume - Hat Halloween (WIGEV) Halloween Items
Elephantpants.png Elephant Costume - Pants Halloween (WIGEV) Halloween Items
Elephantshirt.png Elephant Costume - Shirt Halloween (WIGEV) Halloween Items
1410-1.png Elephant Fountain Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
2816-1.png Fire Chief Elephant Figure Virtual Figure (WIGEV) Virtual Figures & Figure Specific Items
6165-1.png Jumbo Jungle Shower Sig. End. Asian Elephant PSI (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
Marathonsnapshot.png Marathon Snapshot Kinzville Academy (WIGEV) KinzVille Academy Prizes
2652-1.png Playful Picture POTM Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
3049-1.png Spectacular Pink Wardrobe Carrier Code (WIGEV) Feature Code Items
664-1.png Stone Elephant Statue Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
664-1.png Stone Elephant Statue Replica Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
2719-1.png W Tales Book: Color Catastrophe Bookmark Code (WIGEV) Feature Code Items
Webkinzcarespainting.png Webkinz Cares Painting Webkinz Cares (WIGEV) Webkinz Foundation
1258-1.png Webkinz Day Year One Print Webkinz Day Gift (WIGEV) Holiday Gift Bags
667-1.png Webkinz Totem Pole Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
981-1.png Wild Safari Print Screen Rare Item (WIGEV) Rare Items

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