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Egyptian Theme

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Theme History

The Egyptian Theme was one of the first rare themes introduced in the Curio Shop. Most of the theme is composed of Rare Items. There is also one retired adoption exclusive item, the Desert Window, and two Ganz eStore items, the Kitti of the Nile and the Model Pyramid, that are also part of the theme.


The theme retired on June 20, 2012. It is one of only two Rare themes that is retired, the other one being the Kooky Scientist Theme.

The eStore items from the theme are still available from time to time.

Theme Preview

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
989-1.png Ancient Pyramid Lamp Rare 1150 KC
982-1.png Bed of the Pharaoh Rare 12500 KC
986-1.png Bejeweled Coffee Table Rare 3200 KC
2430-1.png Desert Window Exclusive
1005-1.png Egyptian Television Rare 8995 KC
File:Egyptianroomdivider.png Egyptian Room Divider Ganz eStore n/a
992-1.png Egyptian Vanity Chair Rare 2150 KC
996-1.png Egyptian Vase Rare 6250 KC
1009-1.png Egyptian Walls Rare 700 KC
991-1.png Elegant Egyptian Vanity Rare 5345 KC
993-1.png Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk Rare 4500 KC
1007-1.png Golden Hippo Fridge Rare 8425 KC
File:Goldenhippotoybox.png Golden Hippo Toybox Ganz eStore n/a
995-1.png Grand Egyptian Column Rare 8000 KC
File:kittiofthenile.png Kitti of the Nile Ganz eStore 2000 points
990-1.png Majestic Throne Rare 10095 KC
FIle:modelpyramid.png Model Pyramid Ganz eStore n/a
File:Mummysawake.png Mummy's Awake Ganz eStore n/a
983-1.png Ornate Egyptian Side Table Rare 3950 KC
984-1.png Ra's Golden Bureau Rare 7480 KC
987-1.png Royal Banquet Chair Rare 5500 KC
988-1.png Royal Banquet Table Rare 7250 KC
998-1.png Sacred Pyramid Flooring Rare 700 KC
1008-1.png Sacred Scribe Desk Rare 3975 KC
994-1.png Sandstone Pedestal Rare 1850 KC
985-1.png Sofa of the Nile Rare 9100 KC

Trading Cards

The Egyptian Theme is featured on some Webkinz Trading Cards:


"A brave pharaoh once ruled the land from his majestic throne and it was recently found by Arte on one of his archaelogocial digs. Arte uncovered this throne in a tomb of the lost Pyramid of Hippo Potamus. Valued by many archaeologists as priceless, a lucky collector might occasionally find this treasure in the Curio Shop."


"Worth its weight in gold, this Egyptian vase was said to belong to Hippo Potamus' dear wife, Hippo Lina. According to the legend, Hippo Lina polished this vase everyday until it gleamed. This vase was found amongst other artifacts in Hippo Potamus' royal tomb. He valued this precious vase almost as much as his beautiful wife."


"After long days of ruling in the land and making big,, important decisions, the pharaoh needed a soft place to rest is regal head. There's nothing more comfortable for a king than a bed made of solid gold and bedecked with the rarest of jewels. one of the rarest pieces discovered in his tomb, this bed is truly one-of-a-kind."


"When Webkinz Pharaoh Hippo Potamus had a feast, he stored his fine foods in his gorgeous golden fridge. Foods too fantastic to imagine waited in this fridge, for the start of another one of the Pharaoh's fabled dinner parties. Guests lucky enough to enjoy the Pharaoh's food would remember it for a lifetime."

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