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Easy Peasy Maze

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The Easy Peasy Maze is part of the Banner Blitz Maze Set.

Maze Goal: Collect all 3 Flags!

MAZIN' Moolah to collect: 12 MM

Reward: 20 KC for first win. 10 KC for subsequent wins.

The Easy Peasy Maze contains 4 Rooms and 14 Tubes.

Direction Wallpaper
Exit the Starting Room through the Stone Path Tube Stonepathdesignmaze.png
Go straight at the Stone Path T-Intersection Tintersectiontube.png
Follow the Stone Path Tube to the Gourmet Kitchen Room Gourmetkitchenmaze.png
Collect Flag #1 from the Gourmet Kitchen Room Bannersaboundflag.PNG
Exit the Gourmet Kitchen Room through the Basic Purple Tube Basicpurpledesignmaze.png
Follow the Basic Purple Tube to the Conveyor Belt Room Conveyorbeltroommaze.png
Collect Flag #2 from the Conveyor Belt Room Bannersaboundflag.PNG
Exit the Conveyor Belt Room through the Petunia Tube Petuniatubes.png
Follow the Petunia Tube to the Arctic Room Arcticroommaze.png
Collect Flag #3 from the Arctic Room Bannersaboundflag.PNG

You Found All The Flags! You Win!

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