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Ganz eStore

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File:Ganz eStore.png

The Ganz eStore is an online shop where users can purchase virtual items, pets, and Deluxe memberships for Webkinz World and other Ganz Studios websites. The Ganz eStore debuted in August 2008. The Ganz eStore was originally called the wShop Live during development was launched under the name Webkinz eStore. A few months later it was renamed the Ganz eStore. In February 2014, the W Shop in Webkinz World was resdesigned to include eStore items and pets. [1]

How to Purchase Products at the eStore

In order to purchase products at the eStore, customers must purchase eStore points with a credit card or with Webkinz game cards from Best Buy stores in the US. Points can also be added using the Webkinz Mobile App, but points from the app are added to the users' Webkinz accounts rather than the eStore.

eStore points can be used to purchase almost all products at the eStore with the exception of a few items. 1000 eStore points cost $1 USD. Deluxe Memberships and plush pets cannot be purchased with eStore points. They must be bought separately with a credit card.

Products Available at the eStore

  • eStore Pets are virtual only and can only be purchased at the eStore for 12,500 points ($12.50 US Dollars)
    • Regular pets are available throughout the year.
    • Pet of the Month pets are available during the appropriate month.
    • Seasonal pets are only available at appropriate holiday times.
    • Zodiac pets are only available during the associated astrological period.
    • Birthstone pets were removed from the eStore on April 28, 2010. They were available every day of the month during their appropriate birth month. Ganz has stated that the birthstone pets won't be seen again for a very long time.
  • Webkinz Jr virtual pets are available in the Webkinz Jr section of the Ganz eStore for 25,000 points ($25.00 US Dollars).
  • Sweet Zums are available for 6,000 points

  • Online Exclusives are sold only at the Ganz eStore. These items cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.

> Click HERE to view the Ganz eStore Exclusives.

  • eStore Replicas that appear identical to the originals are offered occasionally. Replicas can not traded or sent by KinzPost

> Click HERE to view pictures of the eStore Replicas.


UPDATE: This section is currently unavailable.

> Click HERE to view pictures of the Album Covers.

  • Virtual Figures are usually available on the weekends and come with a figurine for your room as well as a special item. Virtual Figures give you access to the Woodland Wonders in the Magical Forest and cost 2,500 eStore Points.

> Click HERE to view pictures of the Virtual Figures and their items.

  • Charm Codes Two Series of 24 charms are available for 1,500 eStore points each charm. Series 1 charms open prizes in the Fairy Falls section of the Magical Forest. Series 2 charms open prizes in the Magic Mire area of the Magical Forest.

  • KinzChat Smilies are available to use in KinzChat and KinzChatPLUS for 3,000 points.

  • POTM Video Items Beginning March 2010, Ganz has released certain items appearing in the Pet of the Month music videos. These items are usually sold separately and in value packs.

Special Days

  • Webkinz Wednesday - Certain eStore pets and several extra items are available at the Ganz eStore.
  • Wowzer Weekend - Extra items and pets are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

Webkinz eStore

As an off-shoot to the eStore, the in-game Webkinz eStore was opened in July 2010. In order to access the Webkinz eStore, points must be transferred from a Ganz eStore account to a valid Webkinz account. Then the player can purchase eStore-only items directly from the Webkinz account.

These products cannot be purchased in the Webkinz eStore:

Where Can I Find the Webkinz eStore?

Update: As of February 2014, the eStore is now integrated with the W-Shop. Both eStore items that cost points and regular items that cost KC are found together in the W-shop.

Prior to February 2014, the eStore was found through the map of Map of Kinzville.


T-Shirt Designer


On February 8th, 2010, Ganz added a T-Shirt Designer feature to the Ganz eStore. Members can design and order real T-Shirts for themselves. The shirts cost from $15 to $25 plus $8 shipping.

Update: this feature is no longer available.

Mystery Clothing

While designing your T-Shirt, you dress WW pets in clothing that is not currently available in Webkinz World.

File:50ssaddleshoes.png Fortunetellershat.png Frillypurpledogthing.png Froufroucoat.png Girlyblacktanktop.png
50s Saddle Shoes Fortune Teller's Hat Frilly Purple Dog Thing Frou Frou Coat Girly Black Tank Top
Headfullofcurlers.png Oldladycape.png Plumpysbluehair.png Purpleempiretank.png File:skirttest.png
Head Full of Curlers Old Lady Cape Plumpy's Blue Hair Purple Empire Tank Skirt Test
Skullcap.png Webkinzglittertee.png
Skull Cap Webkinz Glitter Tee[2]
  2. The Webkinz Glitter Tee is very similar to the Webkinz Sparkle Tee from Persephone's KinzStyle Shop, but it has a different name, and a slightly different appearance.