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Drop Dilemma Maze

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Drop Dilemma (medium)

Maze Goal: Collect all 6 flags.

MAZIN' Moolah to collect: 36 MM

Reward: 30 KC for first win.

The Drop Dilemma Maze contains 9 Rooms and 52 Tubes.

Direction Wallpaper
Go straight on Willow tube File:Willowdesign.png
Tube design changes to Modern Mazer File:Modernmazerdesignmaze.png
Collect the first flag during the drop File:Modernmazerdesignmaze.png
Enter the Colorful Car Wash Room and collect Moolah
Continue in the Honey tube and collect the second flag File:Honeytubes.png
Enter the Elevator Tube Room File:Elevatortubemaze.png
Continue in the Basic Green tube File:Basictubedesignmaze.png
Tube design changes to Ivy Trellis File:Ivytrellisdesignmaze.png
Collect the third flag at the beginning of the drop File:Ivytrellisdesignmaze.png
Tube design changes to Skyline Symphony File:Skylinesymphonydesignmaze.png
Turn around to collect Moolah, then double back and continue straight File:Skylinesymphonydesignmaze.png
Enter the Rolling Rest Bedroom Room and collect Moolah File:rollingrestbedroommaze.png
Continue on Sprinkles tube File:sprinklesdesign.png
Collect the fourth flag at the intersection File:sprinklesdesign.png
Go down right path to collect Moolah, then double back and continue straight File:sprinklesdesign.png
Enter the Arctic Room File:arcticroommaze.png
Continue on Chili tube File:chilidesign.png
Enter the Windmill Room File:windmillmaze.png
Continue on the Heroic Highway tube
Collect the fifth flag during the drop
Enter the Fruit Pillar Room and collect Moolah File:fruitpillarmaze.png
Continue on the Pixie tube File:Pixiedesign.png
Enter the Conveyor Belt Room File:conveyorbeltroommaze.png
Continue on the Diamond Decal tube
Enter the Elevator Tube Room File:Elevatortubemaze.png
Continue on the Nimbi tube and collect the final flag File:nimbidesignmaze.png
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