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Dr. Quincy Quack

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Dr. Quack
Dr. Quack
Main Role: Runs Dr. Quack's Clinic
Age: 67

Quincy Quack, better known as Dr. Quack, is a duck who worked at Dr. Quack's Clinic from 2005 to 2015. If your pet was sick, you could visit him and he would give you medicine to help your pet get better. You could also visit him if you just wanted to give your pet a check-up. Dr. Quack ran for mayor of Kinzville in the 2016 mayoral election, and won with 50% of the vote. He took office on January 1, 2017.

He is described by Ganz as follows: "Dr. Quincy Quack is an amazingly kind and gentle duck – he runs the clinic and sees every single sick Webkinz. He can cure any illness – he has never failed. Dr. Quack has been romantically linked to Ms. Birdy…but he won't confirm anything."[1]




Dr. Quack can be found in the following books:

An Air of Mystery Book
Plumpy and the Christmas Spirit
Superstar Spring Break
The Disappearing Sculpture
The Kinzville Caper Storybook
The Last Adventure
The Recipe for Success
W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish
W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice
W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town

Special Items

There are quite a few Dr. Quack special items in Webkinz World:

  • Dr. Quack Plush Toy File:Dr-quack.jpg
  • Dr. Quack Side Table Lamp Drquacksidetablelamp.png
  • Dr. Quack Bed Drquackbed.png
  • Dr. Quack's Lab Coat Drquackslabcoat.png
  • Dr. Quack's Eye Chart Drquackseyechart.png
  • Familiar Faces Plate Rack Familiarfacesplaterack.png

Trading Cards

2169-1.png 2083-1.png

"Along with Ms. Birdy, Dr. Quack was created when Webkinz was first conceived. Dr. Quack runs the clinic and helps hundreds of pets every day. He's one busy doctor!

If you look at the clinic closely you can see Dr. Quack's diploma. It says he's the quackiest doctor. In Webkinz World, that's a good thing!"

Coloring Page


Dr. Quack Retires


File:Dr Quack Waves Goodbye 18Mar2015.png

On March 18, 2015 Today's Announcements notified members that Dr. Quack will has decided to retire next week and is closing his clinic for good. In exchange, pets would no longer become sick.

Say Goodbye to Dr. Quack on the Map of Kinzville

From March 2,5 2015 to April 14, 2015, Dr. Quack could be seen walking on the Map of Kinzville. By clicking on him, players could win a retirement gift with one of the five items below. The Dr. Quack Plush Toy was also retired from the W-shop.

Dr. Quack's Lab Coat
(Series 4 Trading Cards)
Dr. Quack Plush Toy
(retired W-Shop item)
Cup of Lollipops
Golden Stethoscope
Medical Curtain Room Divider

Mayoral Election 2016

Dr. Quack announced his campaign on November 2, 2016. His platform was based on creating new recipe foods that would easily boost your pets' happiness, hunger, and energy meters. The election was held on November 30, 2016, where he beat out running mates Amanda Panda, Dex Dangerous, and Salley Cat. Dr. Quack took office on January 1, 2017.



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