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Dr. Quack's Clinic

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When do I visit Dr. Quack's Clinic?

When your pet is sick, visit Dr. Quack's Clinic. He will make your pet feel better and give them medicine, usually costing 25 or 50 KinzCash. However, If you take your pet in for a casual checkup, then it will not cost you anything unless your pet needs medicine.

How do I know my pet is sick?

If your pet gets really sick, it will have a green snout, a thermometer in its mouth, and a blue ice pack on it's head and only a visit to the Clinic will make it feel better. You also can't go on Vacation or to work if your pet is sick or you'll be told by either of the host to take your pet to the clinic.

When you go to the Clinic, what does Dr. Quack do to see what's wrong with your pet?

Dr. Quack will do a checkup behind a screen to see what's wrong with your pet. You will be able to see Dr. Quack's and your Pet's dialogue with each other. When he's finished, he'll remove the screen, tell you what's wrong with your pet, and what you need to do to help your pet get better. It could be anything from putting your pet to bed or medicine to help your pet get well.

How does Dr. Quack help my pet get better?

Dr. Quack will give you medicine for your pet that will usually cost you around 25 to 50 KinzCash. When you buy the medicine, your pet "uses" the medicine at the Clinic. The medicine does not go to your dock. If you do not have enough Kinzcash to buy the medicine, you will have to earn it elsewhere in Webkinz World and then return. Sick pets can still do some activities in Webkinz World, like play games or answer questions at Quizzy's.

Do I get anything other than medicine at Dr. Quack's Clinic?

If it is your first time visiting Dr. Quack with a sick pet, then you will recieve a "Dr. Quack's Helper Badge" for your collection of badges. This is what the badge looks like: