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Dr. Quack's Assistant

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Dr. Quack's Assistant is a job you can do at the Employment Office.


What is Dr. Quack's Assisant job?

This is a job where you have to "care" for Dr. Quack's patients. You either give them an ice pack for a bump on the head, some medicine for their red nose, or a bandage for a scrape on their leg.

Are there any pre-requisites for this job?

No, there are not any requirements. This is an "easy" job.

What is level 1 like?

Level 1 is like all the other levels except for it is slower and you have to care for less patients. Here is what level one looks like:

Level 1

What is level 2 like?

Level 2 is faster and has more patients than level 1, but is slower and has less patients than level 3.

What is level 3 like?

Level 3 is the fastest level of them all, and has the most patients. It's the highest level you can reach.

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