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Don't Rock the Boat

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Prior to October of 2012, all members could access the Don't Rock the Boat game by purchasing a ticket to go to the Vacation Island. In October of 2012, Ganz changed access to Vacation Island to Deluxe Members only. All prior purchased tickets that were not used, were lost. Don't Rock the Boat can be played for free by Deluxe Members just once per vacation day.



The objective in Don't Rock the Boat is to rock the boat and not see the ghost.

How to Play

Just click the button to "rock" the boat. What happens after that is determined randomly by the Webkinz World system.

The Ghost

If the Ghost appears, your pet's Happiness points will be "zapped" to zero. The fastest, but most expensive, way to restore your pets points is to visit the Spa. If you don't visit the Spa, you'll need to feed and play with your pet to get the points back up.


If the Ghost doesn't appear, you'll get either some Fool's Gold Chocolate, an item of pirate clothing, KinzCash, or a piece of a treasure map. This pirate clothing is NOT the same as the items sold in the wShop. The treasure map pieces can be collected to win the Grand Prize (see below).

Fool's Gold Chocolate
Pirate Costume Boots
Pirate Costume Eye Patch
Pirate Costume Hat
Pirate Costume Pants
Pirate Costume Sash
Pirate Costume Silk (Shirt)

Map Pieces


There are four different map pieces that can be collected. These map pieces do not go into the player's dock, so they cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost. Once a player collects all four pieces, he/she will be awarded the Grand Prize for this game.

The Grand Prize consists of three items: the Ghost's Gold Doubloon (a coin that can be sold for 424 KC), the Mermonkey Artifact (a trophy), and the Tropical Island Treasure Chest (a storage unit).

Ghost's Gold Doubloon
Mermonkey Artifact
Tropical Island Treasure Chest

More Information

For more information on Don't Rock the Boat, visit the following forum thread: