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Dogs Theme

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Theme History

The Dogs Theme was one of the original wShop themes in Webkinz World. Introduced in 2005.

It was moved from the wShop to the Curio Shop on June 24, 2009.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Base Price[1]
244-1.png Bone Coffee Table Curio Shop 180 KC
236-1.png Bone Couch Curio Shop 600 KC
234-1.png Bone Lounger Curio Shop 350 KC
356-1.png Bone Side Table Curio Shop 90 KC
246-1.png Dog Gym Curio Shop 150 KC
247-1.png Dog Lamp Curio Shop 50 KC
248-1.png Dog Side Table Curio Shop 75 KC
250-1.png Doghouse Bed Curio Shop 500 KC
249-1.png Hydrant Curio Shop 80 KC
  1. Arte may raise the price of these items by up to 20%, or he may mark them down by as much as 40%. His prices are totally random.

Theme Trivia


The fireplace in the theme preview has not been released.

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