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He sails out of Kinzville Harbor, over the Five Seas, and past the Deep Sea Trench. Dogbeard has found three treasures so far.

He has a sister named Laurabeard.

He is described by Ganz as follows: "Dogbeard is Webkinz World’s toughest pirate…or so he tells his mom. Dogbeard is the captain of the SS Pugsley. With an adventurous spirit and the unending desire to be well-known and well-respected, Dogbeard’s a strong, brave leader. In fact, only one individual has ever been able to push his buttons: his little sister Laurabeard."[1]



Dogbeard can be found in the following books:

W Tales Book: Dogbeard's Treasure

Special Items

There are a few Dogbeard special items in Webkinz World:

  • Captian Dogbeard's Coat
  • Captain Dogbeard's Sleeper
  • Dogbeard's Best Side Table
  • Dogbeard's Dining Table
  • Dogbeard's Treasure Map
  • Captain's Quarters Flooring
  • Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles Game
  • W-Tales Book: Dogbeard's Treasure
  • Dogbeard's Portrait
  • Dogbeard's Navigation Globe
  • Dogbeard's Treasure Chest

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