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Diner Theme

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Theme History

The Diner Theme was introduced to Webkinz World in 2007.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
2036-1.png Checkered Counter wShop 200 KC
2032-1.png Chrome-edged Booth Table wShop 300 KC
2033-1.png Chrome-edged Square Table wShop 175 KC
2046-1.png Classic Diner Clock wShop 75 KC
2043-1.png Classic Fifties Poster wShop 100 KC
2040-1.png Delicious Drinks Refreshment Cooler wShop
(Deluxe Only)
750 KC
2031-1.png Diner Booth Seat wShop 750 KC
2047-1.png Diner Wallpaper wShop 100 KC
3147-1.png Diner Window wShop
(Deluxe Only)
350 KC
2042-1.png Greasy Grill Rare 4400 KC
2041-1.png Jumpin' Jukebox Rare 4500 KC
File:milkshakefortwo.png Milkshake for Two Ganz eStore Regular: 1,000
Deluxe: 500
File:milkshakemachine.png Milkshake Machine Ganz eStore Regular: 7,000
Deluxe: 6,000
2035-1.png V Back Chair wShop 150 KC
2034-1.png V Back Stool wShop
(Deluxe Only)
200 KC

Trading Card

The Diner Theme is featured on a Webkinz Trading Card:


> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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