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DiceKinz was a feature in Webkinz World that allowed you to play against either your friends or a computer opponent.


Retirement of DiceKinz Game

DiceKinz was retired by Ganz on June 6th, 2012. However, players are able to access Dicekinz by clicking the Dicekinz ad that appears during certain Daily Activities.


Any member whose account contained Dicekinz dice was awarded a Dicekinz Trophy upon their first login on or after June 6th.


You could use basic dice that are already in the game or you could buy your own dice at the W Shop. You could buy starter packs or booster packs. Pet specific "Pet Packs" were once available in the W-Shop as well. To make a dice pack available in the game, you had to drag it from your dock into your room like you would with furniture.

How to Play

The object of the game was to make it to the finish line before your opponent. This game could be played with 1 player (Computer opponent was randomly selected to play you, see below) or 2 players (An option that allowed you to invite a friend to play). Before the game started, you had the option of choosing which dice you wished to use during gameplay. You were allowed a total of 6 dice per game but you could collect as many dice as possible for your dice collection. In the beginning of a DiceKinz game, either you or your opponent rolled the dice. This was called the Roll Phase. Next came the Jostle Phase which took place immediately after the Roll Phase.

In the Jostle Phase, players took turns and used action dice to try to remove as many run dice as possible from the opponent's pack. You did this by selecting which Action dice you wanted to use and dragging it into the 'Action' box.


You also dragged which die you want the Action to affect into the 'Target' box.


Once you were satisfied with your selection, you pressed the 'Ready' button. You also tried to protect your own run dice using defense dice (for a complete list of Dicekinz dice, see the "Types of Dice" section below). The 'Defense' box worked the same as the 'Action' box except that you dragged Defense dice into the box rather than Action dice.


The ultimate goal of the Jostle Phase was to get rid of your opponent's Run Dice while protecting your own at the same time. Players used their dice back and forth like this until no moves are left. Once both players could not make any more moves, the Run Phase begins.

In the Run Phase, the players moved however many spaces they had in Run Dice numbers. Whoever made it to the finish line first won. If both players got to the finish line at the same time, the player with the highest score won.

If you ever encountered a die that you wanted to save for the next turn, you could drag it into the Lock. By doing this, the die could not be removed from your hand. When you locked a die it was automatically saved and could be reused the next round. It could not be used during the current round if it was in the Lock.


Players had to be very careful when handling dice near the Lock as it could get stuck easily. Once a die is in the Lock, there was no way to remove it until the next turn.

Computer Opponents

If you hadn't opened a pack of Dicekinz dice yet, you would encounter a bunch of random opponents that all used the same blue dice. However, if you had opened your own pack of Dicekinz dice, you would have a limited total of 12 different opponents to battle in the game. Of these opponents you had:

  • Barkley the Lil Cocker Spaniel: Dice used were picked by the computer at random
  • Bullet the Unicorn: Dice used were picked by the computer at random
  • Delicat the Gold and White Cat: Dice used were picked by the computer at random
  • Devon the Black Bear: 2 Black Bear Dice (Red and Blue), One Chihuahua Die (Green), One Lion Die (Blue), One Cow Die (Green), One Unicorn Die (Blue)
  • Jumper the Rabbit: 3 Rabbit Dice (2 Blue and one Red), One Elephant Die (Blue), One Cheeky Cat Die (Yellow), One Cheeky Dog Die (Green)
  • Melvin the Elephant: 3 Elephant Dice (2 Green and one Red), One Cocker Spaniel Die (Blue), One Frog Die (Blue), One Gray and White Cat Die (Blue)
  • Puffball the Tiger: One Tiger Die (Red), One Cheeky Cat Die (Green), One Black and White Cat Die (Green), One Rabbit Die (Blue), One Lion Die (Blue), One Gold and White Cat Die (Blue)
  • Rainbow the Pegasus: One Pegasus Die (Yellow), One Pink Poodle Die (Yellow), One White Terrier Die (Blue), One Horse Die (Blue), One Alley Cat Die (Green), One Cheeky Monkey Die (Red)
  • Sandy the Golden Retriever: One Golden Retriever Die (Blue), 2 Cocker Spaniel Dice (Both Yellow), One Chihuahua Die (Blue), One Basset Hound Die (Yellow), One St. Bernard Die (Green)
  • Screech the Monkey: 4 Monkey Dice (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green), One Lion Die (Green), One Golden Retriever Die (Yellow)
  • Stompy the St. Bernard: Dice used is picked by the computer at random
  • Veronica the Gray and White Cat: Dice used is picked by the computer at random

To learn more about these opponents and their dice, visit this thread on Webkinz Insider:

Types of Dice

Image:RunDice.png Run - Run Dice allowed you to move towards the finish line. You used defense dies to block your opponent from removing your run dice.

Image:SleepDice.png Rest - If a die landed on a rest die side, it was removed automatically.

Image:FaceDice.png Face - Action die; used to remove any die from the opponent's collection; could only be blocked by Block Dice.

Image:TripDice.png Trip - Action die; allowed you to remove any run die from the opponent's collection of equal value or less; could only be blocked by a Dodge die.

Image:CompassDice.png Wild - Action die; allowed you to choose between a Scare, Run, Trip, or Dodge die. If you used this die it did not take up your turn.

Image:ShieldPetdice.png Block - Defense die; this die protected against any Fly or Face die.

Image:GrowthDice.png Growth - Action die; increased the value of most dice. Exceptions include the Run die, the Face die, and the Block die.

Image:DefenseDice.png Dodge - Defense die; used to protect against Trip, Scare, and Blowback dice of equal or lesser value.

Image:StumbleDice.png Stumble - Action die; used to reduce all of opponent's run dice by one point.

Image:BalanceDice.png Balance - Defense die; could be used to defend against Blowback or Stumble dice.

Image:JostleDice.png Scare - Action die; re-rolled any die (yours or the opponent's) of an equal or lesser value. Could work against Face dice.

Image:RecoverDice.png Recover - Action die; could be used to recover any previously used die in the current round.

Image:BlowbackDice.png Blowback - Action die; a gust of wind pushed the opponent back two spaces.

Image:FlyDice.png Fly - Action die; the number on this die was the number of spaces you could move up during use.

Elimination of DiceKinz Pet Packs

In January 2015, the DiceKinz Pet Packs were completely eliminated from the Webkinz programming and were replaced with a DiceKinz Coin that can be sold to the W Shop for 250 KC.

Since the DiceKinz Packs no longer exist, the information below is retained only for historical reference.

DiceKinz Packs


All players could purchase these packs at the W Shop.

1209-1.png DiceKinz Starter Pack

1185-1.png DiceKinz Booster Pack

1402-1.png DiceKinz Series 2 Booster Pack

Trading Card Prize

This pack is a Trading Card prize. It cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.

2319-1.png DiceKinz Zingoz Pack

Pet Packs (Eliminated from programming in Jan 2015)

Only the owner of a certain pet could purchase that pet's "Pet Pack" in the W Shop. Not all pets have their own Pet Pack. Pet Packs were only created for the early Webkinz World pets. These Packs CAN be traded and sent by KinzPost.

NOTE: On March 30, 2011, all of the Pet Packs except the Koala's were removed from the wShop.

1212-1.png DiceKinz Alley Cat Pet Pack

1187-1.png DiceKinz B & W Cat Pet Pack

1198-1.png DiceKinz Basset Hound Pet Pack

1188-1.png DiceKinz Black Bear Pet Pack

1980-1.png DiceKinz Black Lab Pet Pack

1981-1.png DiceKinz Bulldog Pet Pack

1986-1.png DiceKinz Bullfrog Pet Pack

1189-1.png DiceKinz Cheeky Cat Pet Pack

1190-1.png DiceKinz Cheeky Dog Pet Pack

1259-1.png DiceKinz Cheeky Monkey Pet Pack

1191-1.png DiceKinz Chihuahua Pet Pack

1205-1.png DiceKinz Cocker Spaniel Pet Pack

1192-1.png DiceKinz Cow Pet Pack

1193-1.png DiceKinz Elephant Pet Pack

1194-1.png DiceKinz Frog Pet Pack

1195-1.png DiceKinz G & W Cat Pet Pack

1628-1.png DiceKinz Googles Pet Pack

1260-1.png DiceKinz Gorilla Pet Pack

1196-1.png DiceKinz Gr & W Cat Pet Pack

1210-1.png DiceKinz Hippo Pet Pack

1211-1.png DiceKinz Horse Pet Pack

1626-1.png DiceKinz Koala PetPack[1]

1989-1.png DiceKinz Leopard Pet Pack

1199-1.png DiceKinz Lion Pet Pack

1200-1.png DiceKinz Monkey Pet Pack

1624-1.png DiceKinz Panda Pet Pack

1213-1.png DiceKinz Pegasus Pet Pack

1983-1.png DiceKinz Persian Cat Pet Pack

1201-1.png DiceKinz Pig Pet Pack

1984-1.png DiceKinz Pink Pony Pet Pack

1261-1.png DiceKinz Pink Poodle Pet Pack

1627-1.png DiceKinz Polar Bear Pet Pack

1202-1.png DiceKinz Poodle Pet Pack

1263-1.png DiceKinz Pug Pet Pack

1203-1.png DiceKinz Rabbit Pet Pack

1204-1.png DiceKinz Retriever Pet Pack

1206-1.png DiceKinz St. Bernard Pet Pack

1207-1.png DiceKinz Tiger Pet Pack

1625-1.png DiceKinz Tree Frog Pet Pack

1208-1.png DiceKinz Unicorn Pet Pack

1262-1.png DiceKinz White Terrier Pet Pack

1510-1.png DiceKinz Yorkie Pet Pack

  1. The Koala PetPack is the only one that does not have a space between the word "Pet" and the word "Pack".

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