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Dex Dangerous

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He is described by Ganz as follows: "Dex Dangerous is a famous space explorer…well…he plays one in the movies, anyway. He’s quite a dapper looking lion. He has a very high opinion of himself and has an extremely devoted fan base. Known best for his role in “ Dex Dangerous and the Lunar Lugbots,” he wears a space costume and has his mane neatly coiffed at all times (to be ready for any impending photo ops)"[1] He ran for the Webkinz Votes 2014 election but did not win.


Picture Name Item Type
File:Dexdangerousactionfigure.png Dex Dangerous Action Figure eStore
File:Dexdangerouslandingpad.png Dex Dangerous Landing Pad Trading Card Item
Dex Dangerous Master Control Chair Trading Card Item
File:Dexdangerousmodelspacefighter.png Dex Dangerous Model Space Fighter Trading Card Item
File:Dexdangerouspj.png Dex Dangerous PJ eStore
3156-1.png Dex Dangerous Space Fighter Exclusive Item
File:Dexdangerousstandee.png Dex Dangerous Standee wShop
File:Dexdangeroussuitbottom.png Dex Dangerous Suit Bottom Trading Card Item
File:Dexdangeroussuittop.png Dex Dangerous Suit Top Trading Card Item
2803-1.png Dex Dangerous Telescope Pet Of The Month Item
2605-1.png Dex's Lugbot Lookout Pet Of The Month Item
File:Dexdangerousvisor.png Dex Dangerous Visor Trading Card Item
2999-1.png Lunar Lugbotz Poster Trading Card Item
File:5729.gif Lunar Lugbotz Toy Prize Klaw
File:Movieposterset.png Movie Poster Set wShop
File:Pinkdexsuperfanvanity.png Pink Dex Superfan Vanity eStore
File:Scifimovieposter.png Sci-Fi Movie Poster Daily KinzCare
4399-1.png Theater Screen Rare

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