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Deluxe Membership

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A Deluxe Membership is a paid membership to Webkinz World which receives several bonus features for the site beyond those which a member receives from a Full Membership. Accounts can subscribe to the membership at the Ganz eStore. It costs a minimum of 6 US Dollars to buy a membership (a one-month subscription). You can get 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or annual subscriptions. The more your membership lasts gives you more bonus features.




Depending on the kind of plan you select, Deluxe Membership may include these special features:

Formerly, when you bought a Deluxe Membership you had access to the Gold Zone on your Kinzphone. The Gold Zone has since been retired.



There are a number of prizes in Webkinz World that are only available to Deluxe members.

> Click HERE to view pictures of these prizes.



1 month membership now costs $6

Deluxe Memberships as Gifts


On December 8th, Ganz has changed the programming to the Ganz eStore so that it is now possible to give Deluxe Memberships as gifts to other players, even if you don't know their usernames! Previously, to purchase a Deluxe Membership, the buyer had to know the username and password of the account they wanted to make Deluxe.

People purchasing a Deluxe Membership are now given the option to either activate the Membership immediately by entering the Webkinz World account's username and password, OR they can choose to print out a "Code Certificate" that can be given to another player as a gift.

To purchase a Deluxe Membership, or to redeem the gift of a Deluxe Membership, please click | HERE.

Upcoming Changes


Ganz announced that, starting August 31 2010 members purchasing a 12-Month Deluxe Membership will be able to add up to 4 Bonus Accounts for $5 each. This will be done by entering the Webkinz World usernames and passwords of each account you want to add on when you buy the 12-Month membership. Bonus accounts must be added at the time you purchase the 12-Month membership otherwise you will not be able to add them on.

Bonus accounts will receive a year of the Deluxe features on Webkinz World, Deluxe Advantage pricing in the Webkinz eStore, and the monthly gift boxes. Only the main account with the 12-Month membership, however, will receive Ganz eStore points and the Exclusive Super Deluxe item.

An online tool is available to calculate the most cost-efficient way to purchase Deluxe memberships once this "add-on bonus accounts" functionality is launched. Answer all the questions posed by the tool, click "Calculate", and you will be shown a list of all the different ways you can get Deluxe for the accounts you want, from most cost-effective to least. You can access this online tool | HERE.

More Information


And this WebkinzInsider thread:

Deluxe Membership and E-Points Information


  1. One per account, can not be traded or sold
  2. The Deluxe Item varies by year