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Debbie Dragon

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Debbie runs the Travel Agency. She will help you out when you go to buy a ticket to the Spa or Vacation Island.
Debbie Dragon

She sometimes goes by simply "Ms. Debbie".

She is described by Ganz as follows: " Debbie is a friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing dragon and always knows exactly where people should take their pets on vacation. She has been a travel dragon for many, many years and is happiest when at work or on the road, scouting a new destination for pets to visit. In her time off, she writes travel articles for magazines."[1]

As the Travel agency no longer exists, Debbie Dragon is not currently found anywhere within webkinz world,. it is unknown as to whether she will reappear in the game at a later date.

On October 17th 2012 when the travel agency was removed she was also removed from everybody's kinzchat phones as a webkinz host friend.