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Today's Activities

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File:Today in Webkinz World.png

Today's Activities is a section of Webkinz World that lists all of the special daily and hourly activities in Webkinz World. Today's Activities provides links to these special activities to ensure that you don't miss out on your favorite activity. Members are able to play certain activities like Jumbleberry Fields, the Wheel of Wow and the Wishing Well 2 once a day. In addition members can also play special hourly activities such as sales in the W Shop, bonus KinzCash by playing certain Arcade games, free food or KinzCash, an extra spin on the Wheel of Wow and special activities such as token balloon darts, wheel of the month, and quick draws.

The Today's Activities page can be accessed through the Things to Do menu, through the Today's Activities button in the upper left corner of the newspaper, and on the Kinzville map.


The Today's Activities page also underwent a significant overhaul in May 2011. The layout and overall look changed substantially.

The Today's Activities page has daily and hourly events on the same page. The daily events are at the bottom.


Daily Events

These are the events you can do once each day.

Hourly Events

The hourly event has activities that change each hour.

Deluxe Events

The Old Today's Activities

Before May 2011 the Today's Activities page looked quite different. The most noticeable difference was that the daily, hourly, and Deluxe activities were split up. Below is an example of what the Today's Activities section looked like before May 2011: