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Curio Shop

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The Curio Shop is an area in Webkinz World with host Arte Fact where players can buy WShop items (sometimes at special low prices), buy Curio Shop Only items, buy rare items, and play the Gem Hunt mini game.


You can shop for various items in Arte's Curio Shop. These items change on an hourly basis and include regular W Shop items, Curio Shop Only (CSO) items and Rare items. The W Shop and Curio Shop Only items may be discounted or inflated in price, while rare items are always the same price.

Preferred Customers

Arte plays favorites. Based on how many items you buy and how much you tip him, he will be nicer to you and eventually give you some top secret information.

Customer Levels

  • Level 1 - First time shopper in Arte's shop, shows you how it works.
  • Level 2 - Arte says: "Welcome to the Curio Shop. Hope you find what you're looking for."
  • Level 3 - Arte says: "Welcome back. See if you can find a bargain today."
  • Level 4 - Arte says: "Hey, welcome back, if you see something you like, let me know."
  • Level 5 - Arte says: "Good to see you again. Have fun shopping."
  • Level 6 - Arte says: "Ahh, one of my favorite customers. Let's see what I can do for you."
  • Level 7 - Arte says: "There you are! Always great to see you. My shop is your shop."
    Once you are Level 7, you can ask Arte what time sales and Rare item(s) will be available, and he will hold up a sign showing you the time.
    Also note that until you reach level 7, if you are at a certain level but do not buy things or tip him for a long period of time you will drop back a level.
  • Deluxe Member Level - If you are a Deluxe Member, Arte says: "Well, if it isn't one on my extra special customers! Welcome to the Curio Shop!"

Increasing Your Customer Level

There are two things you can do in Arte's shop to move through the preferred customer levels more quickly, and both require Kinz Cash!

Buy things from him

Unless you buy things, Arte will not move you up his list. If you want to move up faster, buy from him often.

Tip Arte

You can tip Arte by selecting the green jar to his left, then choosing the amount of money you'd like to tip. Tipping Arte isn't completely necessary, but it speeds up the process of moving up levels.

REMEMBER: Make sure to tip over 10 KinzCash, as small tips usually just offend Arte.


Almost every day, Arte has W Shop items at special sale prices in The Curio Shop, but you must be very careful -- Sometimes Arte's prices are higher than the W Shop's.

The Webkinz Insider Forum's Rare Tracking Thread is updated throughout the day and contains information about what times there will be sales in the Curio Shop.

Rare Items

Every day, Arte offers at least one rare item in the Curio Shop[1]. These items are only available in the Curio Shop and some of them don't show up very often.

The Webkinz Insider Forum's Rare Tracking Thread is updated throughout the day and contains information about what times the Rares will be available in the Curio Shop. In addition, the top of every page on the Webkinz Insider Forum lists the day's rare items.

A summary of all current (not retired) Rares and the most recent date that Arte offered them can be found here: Rare Items - Last Available Dates.

Arte's Favorites

Sometimes when you are click on an item in Arte's shop, an icon will pop up to tell you that the item is "Arte's favorite". If you are trying to achieve your level for your Key to Kinzville, then this item qualifies.

Deluxe Membership Bonus Items

If you are a Deluxe Member, you will have an extra section of the Curio Shop where you can purchase an extra set of items each hour. Each day you will have the opportunity to purchase an extra rare item and extra sales items.

Items Retired from the W Shop

Sometimes items are retired from the W Shop but you can still buy them from Arte as one of Arte's Favorites.

Items Retired from the Curio Shop

The Hockey Theme was retired from the Curio Shop March 4th, 2009. It was one of the first themes in Webkinz World, and was retired from the W Shop sometime before August 25th 2007, making it the first retired W Shop theme.

Ganz made a statement on April 16, 2010 that a rare theme would be retiring from the Curio Shop soon.[2] Later that month, the rare items from the Kooky Scientist Theme were retired.

Gem Hunt

The gem hunt is a fun game in Arte's Curio Shop where you can get gems to either sell for kinzcash, or to save and trade them all for the crown of wonder. Here are a few pointers:

You may notice there are different gem mines to choose from. They each have a tinted color. For instance, Flea Floater Mine has more green gems. This is helpful when you would like the gem of the day. (White gems include rainbow.)

The mines are filled with 13 or 14 rocks to click on. You get three chances to get a gem. If you do not get a gem, you get slag. This is not useful in any way. If you see a sparkling rock, do not click on it. This is a trick.

The mines and their colors:

White:Buried Bones Yellow:Barking Mad Blue:Howling Horse Green:Flea Floater Red:Muzzle Mouth

Types of gems:

White Gems

Webkinz Diamond

Unicorn Horn

Yum Zum Sparkle

Zingoz Zincoz

Booger Nugget

Goober Glitter Red Gems

Red Ruby Heart

Ember Amber

Volcano Viscose

Flare Fyca

Torch Treasure

Lava Lump Green Gems

Earth Emerald

Moss Marble

Cat's Eye Glint

Jaded Envy

Pearl Egg

Terra Tectonic Blue Gems

Ocean Sapphire

Teardrop Tower

Sea Stone

Rainbow Flower

River Ripple

Aqua Orb Yellow Gems

Corona Topaz

Aurora Rox

Pyramid Plunder

Starlight Shimmer

Lemon Drop

Carat Eclipse

Trading Card




  1. Deluxe members get at least one every day, regular members nearly every day, but not always