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Creative Studio Theme

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Theme History

The Creative Studio Theme was introduced to the W-Shop on March 28, 2012.



Prizes from this theme were available in a Webkinz Newz Peek-A-Newz Challenge featuring Elwin Elephant, because Elwin and Hailey Elephant were said to have 'developed' this theme. The Peek-A-Newz ran from April 1-15 2012.

Theme Preview

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Arteasel.png Art Easel wShop
(Deluxe Only)
200 KC
File:Artpaintpaletterug.png Art Paint Palette Rug wShop 350 KC
File:Artpaintingwallart.png Art Painting Wall Art wShop 90 KC
File:Artsink.png Art Sink wShop
(Deluxe Only)
475 KC
File:Artstation.png Art Station wShop 400 KC
File:Beanstalkartposter.png Bean Stalk Art Poster wShop 60 KC
File:Creativestudioflooring.png Creative Studio Flooring wShop 150 KC
File:Creativestudiowallpaper.png Creative Studio Wallpaper wShop 150 KC
File:Fashionfabricrolls.png Fashion Fabric Rolls wShop 285KC
File:Fashionmannequin.png Fashion Mannequin wShop
(Deluxe Only)
450 KC
File:Fashionsewingmachine.png Fashion Sewing Machine wShop
(Deluxe Only)
600 KC
File:Icesculpturefridge.png Ice Sculpture Fridge wShop
(Deluxe Only)
780 KC
File:Musicguitartable.png Music Guitar Table wShop
(Deluxe Only)
375 KC
File:Musicnotechair.png Music Note Chair wShop 250 KC
File:Musicnotewallart.png Music Note Wall Art wShop 50 KC
File:Musicnotessofa.png Music Notes Sofa wShop 750 KC
File:Photographersdarkroom.png Photographer's Dark Room Ganz eStore 7000 eStore Points (Regular)
6000 eStore Points (Deluxe)
File:Potterkilnoven.png Potter Kiln Oven wShop 350 KC
File:Potterswheel.png Potter's Wheel wShop
(Deluxe Only)
550 KC
File:Theatrebed.png Theatre Bed wShop 800 KC
File:Volcanoposter.png Volcano Poster wShop 60 KC

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