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Create Mazes

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How to Build a Maze

Once you have adopted your hamster, it's time to build a place for him/her to live. You can save one maze design for each hamster you have unlocked. To begin, go to the Mazin' Hamsters section of Webkinz World and click on the Create Mazes logo.

File:  Createmazeslogo.png

The Create Mazes window has tabs that allow you to choose tubes, rooms, and designs. Hamsters come with their own designs, but you can get more tubes, rooms and designs from the Mazin' Mall, by having your hamster build the tubes or rooms, and by winning them in the Gift Grab activity.

Maze Parts

  • Rooms - Rooms are special interactive spots in mazes where your hamster can play. Rooms can be built by your hamsters, purchased at the Mazin' Mall or won in the Gift Grab activity.
  • Tubes - Tubes are used to connect rooms together. Tubes can be built by your hamster, purchased at the Mazin' Mall or won in the Gift Grab activity.
  • Designs - Maze designs are like wallpaper and flooring. They set the "theme" for your maze. Certain maze designs come with the particular hamster you own, and others can be purchased at the Mazin' Mall.

> Click HERE to see all of the different maze parts.

How to Build Maze Parts and Mazes

If you have the Show Help tab selected, the following help messages are displayed. Except for the subheadings, these messages are word-for-word from Webkinz World.

Getting Started

  • To get started building your maze, drag any tube or room from your Inventory to anywhere in the build area. It will automatically become the center of your maze
  • Next, drag another piece to the build area until you see at least one green placement cube.
  • These cubes indicate the places where you can connect your piece; When you move your piece towards one cube, the others will disappear; Release the mouse button and your piece will snap into place!

Rotating Pieces

  • This tool allows you to rotate your piece, or put it back into your inventory.File:rotatetool.png
  • Click the Checkmark button when you are happy with your changes.
  • Items are rotated so that they do not become detached from the maze. Not all items can be rotated the same way.
  • If rotating a piece makes the box around the piece red, the piece will be removed when you click the Checkmark button.
  • The deleted item has been sent back to your inventory.
  • You can bring up the tool at any time simply by clicking on any maze piece.
  • Click and drag your pointer arrow anywhere around your maze to rotate it.

Setting Start and End Points

  • To set the piece in your maze where you'd like Hamster to start, drag and drop the Start flag to that maze piece or room. If you'd like your maze to have a specific end point, you can add an End flag as well.
  • Start and End flags cannot be placed in the same piece.

Testing Your Maze

  • To give your maze a try, click the Test button and start running around!

Changing the Look (Colors & "Tube Paper") of Your Maze

  • By clicking on the Color Wheel tab, you'll be able to see all the designs you've unlocked to decorate your room with.
  • To change the look of a piece, drag any design to it. To apply the same look to the entire maze, drag a design just outside the maze. Designs cannot be used on rooms. You can use your designs as many times as you'd like.

Building More Pieces

  • To build more pieces to use in your mazes, go to the Pieces & Tasks tab. You can assign your Hamsters to build any piece you have unlocked. Assign up to four hamsters to a single piece to build it in a fraction of the time!


Seeing Your Saved Maze

  • You can see your saved mazes by clicking on the My Mazes tab. Changing the maze displayed in My Mazes will also change the one being edited in the Build section.
  • Use the zoom buttons or your mouse wheel to zoom into your maze. You can change the point that you zoom into by clicking a specific piece.

Starting a New Maze

  • If you want to start a new maze, choose a New Maze slot from your My Mazes tab. You can also save one maze for each Hamster in your collection.

Publishing Your Maze

Mazes can be published for other members to try. Published mazes appear in the Community Mazes. Moolah appears to be added automatically to the mazes without any action by the member who created the maze. [1]


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