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Crafty Critterz

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Crafty Critterz is a section of the Webkinz Newz run by Kimmy Koala featuring crafts submitted by Webkinz members. Some members who submit crafts receive a Crafty Critterz Trophy (pictured below). It is unknown if Ganz is still accepting craft submissions.


In March 2011, Crafty Critterz moved to the Webkinz Newz. [1]

Crafty Critterz was originally a section of the Webkinz Main Page where you could find creative, Webkinz-themed crafts. Craft ideas could be submitted by Webkinz members, and sometimes the craft ideas were published. There were sections for featured crafts and new additions.

From Webkinz Crafty Critterz Page:

"The Crafty Critterz Club, run by Crafty Kimmy, is the place where you can find out how to make awesome Webkinz-themed crafts and recipes! You'll notice that each recipe shows from one to five stars. The stars show how easy or hard a craft or recipe is. If a craft or recipe has one star, that means a grown-up assistant won't have to give too much assistance. If a craft or recipe has five stars, that means a grown-up assistant will have to help out a lot. We recommend that grown-up assistants help out with every craft and recipe - after all, what's more fun than crafting with a friend?" [2]