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Crafty Canaries

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Crafty Canaries was added to the Webkinz World Arcade on June 8, 2011.



  • To play, click on a row or column, and drag to move to the desired position.
  • You must get 3-5 in a row of the same tile to get points for it.



The object of the game is to slide the rows and columns to make matching lines of 3 to 5 tiles. As you continue to play the game and get closer to the goal, a Tree House will be built by the canaries. In the example above, if you slide that row one space to the left, there will be two sets of 3 tires made, and they will give you points. Also, tiles can wrap around the board. Whenever you get to higher levels, locks will begin to appear over some of the tiles. If there is a lock on a tile, you cannot move the row and/or column that the locked tile is in. To unlock the locked tile you have to find a different tile in a different row that can be slid over to the locked tile and make a match of 3-5.
There are 10 levels in the game. Each level has a higher goal of matches within a time limit. Each level passed grants a level bonus which increases by 50 points over the last level's bonus. Also, the higher levels add more object tiles to match.

Trophy, Badge, & Tagline


  • The "Architect" tagline for your MyPage is awarded after completing level 5.
  • The Building Foreman Badge is awarded once you score 35,000 points.
  • The Crafty Canaries Trophy is awarded upon completing the game by passing level 10. It can only be won once and cannot be traded or sent by KinzPost.


  • If you cannot find anymore matches, look for wrap-around lines.
  • Try to break any locks as soon as you can to open more opportunities.
  • If you cannot find any more combos, quickly slide random rows and columns in a direction and see if any matches are made that way.
  • You can always use the "Hint" Button too.