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Cow Item Collection

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HM003.png HM197.png HM1031.png HM961.png HM500.png Signaturenormandecowavatar.png

Picture Name Item Type Exchange Value
4175-1.png Chocolate Milk Fridge PSI (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
895-1.png Cash Cow Trophy Trophy (WIGEV) Trophies
2690-1.png Corn Husk Doll Fall Fest (WIGEV) Click-to-Win Items
2536-1.png Country Living Framed Print Mouse pad Code (WIGEV) Feature Code Items
272-1.png Cow Bank wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
1192-1.png DiceKinz Cow PetPack wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
641-1.png Milk Truck Pet Specific Item (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
242-1.png Moon Lamp Retired Item (WIGEV) Retired Items
978-1.png Mr. Moo's Candy Bar Mr. Moo Ads (WIGEV) Click-to-Win Items
Mrmoosicecreamcartfridge.png Mr. Moo's Ice Cream Cart Fridge Ganz eStore (WIGEV) Ganz eStore
Mscowolineplush.png Ms. Cowoline Plush Recess (WIGEV) KinzVille Academy Prizes
Mscowolineholidayplush.png Ms. Cowoline Holiday Plush 2010 Christmas Choice Gift Box (WIGEV) Holiday Gift Bags
3234-1.png Read All About It Brown Cow Virtual Figure (WIGEV) Virtual Figures & Figure Specific Items
6288-1.png Cozy Hayloft Hideaway PSI (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
404-1.png Space Poster Curio Shop (WIGEV) Curio Shop Only Items
2998-1.png Supermodelz Poster Trading Cards (WIGEV) Trading Card Items
2718-1.png W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure Bookmark Book (WIGEV) Feature Code Items
1258-1.png Webkinz Day Year One Print Webkinz Day Gift (WIGEV) Holiday Gift Bags
Whitechocolatemilk.png White Chocolate Milk Recess (WIGEV) KinzVille Academy Prizes
Cashcowmilkbottle.png Cash cow milk bottle Meet Mr. Moo Challenge (WIGEV) Misc. Items

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