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Country & Western Theme

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Theme History

The Country & Western Theme was introduced to the wShop in April 2007.

One item from the theme, the Kinz Corral Spittoon, was quickly retired.

Sometime later, the Spittoon was renamed "Antique Western Brass Vase".

On August 28, 2013, the Country & Western Theme was made available to Deluxe Members only.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
2207-1.png Antique Carved Wood Desk wShop 450 KC
2208-1.png Antique Ice Box wShop 1500 KC
2079-1.png Antique Iron Stove wShop 1850 KC
2209-1.png Antique Western Brass Vase[1] Retired n/a
2078-1.png Carved Wood Trophy Pedestal wShop 225 KC
2076-1.png Country Home Bench Seat wShop 650 KC
2074-1.png Country Home Dining Chair wShop 250 KC
2075-1.png Country Home Dining Table wShop 750 KC
2072-1.png Country Home Square Table wShop 250 KC
2210-1.png Country Home Wallpaper wShop 100 KC
File:Countrykitchenpantry.png Country Kitchen Pantry[2] Deluxe Day Gift June 2015 n/a
3110-1.png Country Side Table wShop 90 KC
2211-1.png Light Pine Wood Flooring wShop 100 KC
2070-1.png Prairie Wood Bed wShop 550 KC
2214-1.png Roaming Buffalo Painting wShop 350 KC
2077-1.png Saloon Doors Divider wShop 300 KC
2215-1.png Tin Bucket Tub wShop 850 KC
2213-1.png Wheat Fields Window wShop 485 KC
2073-1.png Wild West Wardrobe wShop 500 KC
2071-1.png Wood Carved Lamp wShop 150 KC
  1. The Antique Western Brass Vase was originally named the Kinz Corral Spittoon.

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