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Count the Sailboats

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The "Count the Sailboats" game is a special game that can only be played on the day a Webkinz pet is retired. Generally a Retirement Party is announced a day or two in advance, so players have some notice of when this game will be a Daily Activity.





The objective of the game is to count how many sailboats are in the picture and then to "guess" which sailboats the retired pet is riding in.

Counting Boats


There are around 40 boats floating around in the ocean, but the number changes each time you play. Count carefully. The boats move around in the ocean, and sometimes they "hide" behind the tree. Count quickly. You have a limited time in which to make your guess.

Some players have reported having luck taking a screenshot of the boats and then using that picture to count the boats. This makes it easier to see how many there are since the boats aren't moving.

Clicking on Boats

File:boatguesscash.png File:boatguessprize.png

How close your guess is to the actual number of boats will determine how many boats you get to click on when searching for the retired pet.

  • Correct Guess = click 5 Sailboats
  • 1 off = click 4 Sailboats
  • 2 off = click 3 Sailboats
  • 3 off = click 2 Sailboats
  • 4 or more off = click 1 Sailboat

There is no way to "see" the pet in any of the boats. Just click on any boat you want to. The results are randomly determined by a computer at this point, just like in the Gem Hunt.

If you "find" the retired pet on a boat, you will be rewarded with a piece of nautical themed clothing (shown below). If you don't find the pet, you will be rewarded with some KinzCash.


Life Jacket
Sailor's Cap
Sailor's Shoes
Sailor's Suit Blouse
Sailor's Suit Dress
Sailor's Suit Top
Sailor's Suit Trouser
Sea Capt'n Belt
Sea Capt'n Blazer
Sea Capt'n Hat
Sea Capt'n Shoes
Sea Capt'n Trouser FIle:seacaptntrouser.png