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Coral Sea Theme

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Theme History

The Coral Sea Theme was introduced to the eStore in April 2013.

Theme Preview

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Points
File:Anemonebed.png Anemone Bed eStore Deluxe 7,000
File:Bubblefloat.png Bubble Float eStore Deluxe 6,000
File:Coralcoveredcouch.png Coral Covered Couch eStore Deluxe 5,000
File:Coralsymphony.png Coral Symphony eStore Regular 6,000

Deluxe 5,000

File:Coraltoychest.png Coral Toy Chest eStore Regular 5,000

Deluxe 4,000

4123-1.png Deep Sea Creature Cove eStore Regular 7,500

Deluxe 6,000

File:Pearlgarden.png Pearl Garden eStore Regular 7,000

Deluxe 6,000

File:Saltwatersafe.png Salt Water Safe eStore Regular 5,000

Deluxe 4,000

File:Seashellseat.png Seashell Seat eStore Regular 4,000

Deluxe 3,000

File:Sunkentreasuretrove.png Sunken Treasure Trove eStore Regular 3,000

Deluxe 2,000

File:Underwatercavernwallpaper.png Underwater Cavern Wallpaper eStore Deluxe 2,000
File:Volcanicspa.png Volcanic Spa eStore Deluxe 5,000

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