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Coral Reef Theme

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Theme History

The Coral Reef Theme was introduced to the wShop on August 8, 2008.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:anemonecoralreef.png Anemone Coral Reef wShop 200 KC
File:brinediningtable.png Brine Dining Table wShop 750 KC
File:comfycoralchair.png Comfy Coral Chair wShop 450 KC
File:coralcoffeetable.png Coral Coffee Table wShop 400 KC
File:coversofcoralbed.png Covers of Coral Bed wShop 1100 KC
File:crustaceanclock.png Crustacean Clock wShop 450 KC
File:deepseadresser.png Deep Sea Dresser wShop 550 KC
File:deepsearoomdivider.png Deep Sea Room Divider wShop 200 KC
File:lampreylamp.png Lamprey Lamp wShop 200 KC
File:pearlsofwisdom.png Pearls of Wisdom wShop 600 KC
File:pedestalofpisces.png Pedestal of Pisces wShop 150 KC
File:saltwatersofa.png Saltwater Sofa wShop 800 KC
File:seasidetable.png Sea Side Table wShop 175 KC
File:shellfishdiningchair.png Shellfish Dining Chair wShop 200 KC
File:sunkentrinketstoybox.png Sunken Trinkets Toy Box wShop 350 KC
File:undertheseatv.png Under the Sea TV wShop 950 KC

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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