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Coral Cove

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Coral Cove is a KinzChat and KinzChat Plus Room on Vacation Island. To get to Coral Cove, you must first purchase a ticket to Vacation Island from the Travel Agency.



Parties happen at least once every 24 hours in each zone in the Coral Cove.

To find out if there is a party, check the Webkinz Insider Forum tracking thread HERE.

The Coral Cove room looks like this during a party:



Want to recreate this room in your Webkinz house? Some of the items in the Coral Cove items are Webkinz Mystery Newz Items that have never been released. Here are some of the things that are available:

Picture Name Category/Source Party or Regular
Coral Cove Room
Conchshell.png Conch Shell Coral Cove Raffle Prizes Regular
2429-1.png Disco Ball Exclusives Party Room
Hibiscusbush.png Hibiscus Bush Coral Cove Raffle Prizes Both
File:HibiscusTree.png Hibiscus Tree W Shop Regular
Inflatablepalmree.png Inflatable Palm Tree Sheldon's Souvenir Shop Both
File:Magicwsandsculpture.png Magic W Sand Sculpture W Shop Regular
File:MiniatureOrangeTree.png Miniature Orange Tree W Shop Regular
1356-1.png Neon Plant Exclusives (Retired) Party Room
Sailorsshippingcrate.png Sailor's Shipping Crate Sheldon's Souvenir Shop Both
Tikitorch.png Tiki Torch Vacation Island Wheel Regular
Weatheredwallanchor.png Weathered Wall Anchor Sheldon's Souvenir Shop Both
File:Orchid.png Orchid W Shop Regular


More information on parties can be found in the Webkinz Insider Forum: