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Doug's Collector Room

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Previously called simply the Collector Room, Doug's Collector Room was renamed and redesigned on July 17, 2013.

Room Overview

In this Clubhouse room, Doug the Dog usually appears once a day for a full hour. He moves around the room during the hour. Users can trade gems collected from the Gem Hunt at the Curio Shop for gem-themed prizes by clicking on Doug if they have the type of gems that wants. If players do not have the gems he wants one day they will receive no prize. The next time they attempt to trade with Doug, if they do have the requested gems this time, they receive KinzCash regardless of their prize level.

Need help finding Doug? WI members track him every hour on this thread.

For more detailed information about trading gems with Doug, please visit this page.

Other than trading gems with Doug the Dog, the collector room is a place to be surrounded by gem and mining-themed items in Webkinz World and to enjoy being with fellow Webkinz World users. There are no games or trading that can be done in this room.

Room Furniture

Want to recreate Doug's Collector Room in your own house? Here are the items you'll need.

Name Image Type
Arte Fact Plush Toy 2899-1.png Curio Shop Only
Beach Side Table 2051-1.png wShop
Descendants of the Dragon Statue File:Descendantsofthedragonstatue.png Ganz eStore
Doug's Signed Picture 4277-1.png Gem Hunt
Elephant Fountain 1410-1.png Exclusive (Retired)
Gargoyle Sofa 684-1.png Halloween (Retired)
Gem Throne 4383-1.png Gem Hunt
Glowing Gem Lamp 4502-1.png Gem Hunt
Gold Mine 6159-1.png Pet Specific Item
Knight of the Round Armor 1581-1.png Rare
Large Gem Finder Trophy 4332-1.png Gem Hunt
Large Gem Portrait 4279-1.png Gem Hunt
Medieval Monarch Sofa 1514-1.png Rare
Medieval Torch File:Medievaltorch.png Exclusive
Medium Gem Finder Trophy 4333-1.png Gem Hunt
Nafaria House Flooring File:Nafariahouseflooring.png Ganz eStore
Sandstone Pedestal 994-1.png Rare (Retired)
Small Blue Geode 4449-1.png Gem Hunt
Sparkle Plant 1391-1.png Exclusive (Retired)
Sparkling Gem Poster 4437-1.png Gem Hunt
Sparkling Gem Wall 4358-1.png Gem Hunt