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How do I get into the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is accessed by pressing the "Things to Do" menu, and selecting "Clubhouse." It is also available from the Map of Kinzville.

When you enter the clubhouse, you will see two trees with doors in them. The one to the right is KinzChat. The one to the left is Kinzchat PLUS. Click on your KinzPhone, choose a zone, and have fun!


Kinzchat is the regular chatting area of the clubhouse. It has more rooms than the clubhouse does however it is more busy there. Here there are only pre-determined phrases that you click on and then hit send. For this you don't need any permission from parents or anything anyone can use it. Kinzchat is also open more hours than Kinzchat PLUS and has more zones. Deluxe members can customize Kinzchat speech bubbles and use more Kinzchat smilies than regular members.

KinzChat PLUS

The Kinzchat PLUS area is a special area. To access it you have to have your parents' permission. To have confirmation on this, go into the Parent's Area in Webkinz World.[1] There you will see a button that says 'Enable/Disable KinzChat PLUS'. Click it. Then fill out the information, and go to your email. There you can press a confirmation link. After this, you will be able to use KinzChat PLUS. It has limited hours and less room choices.

KinzChat PLUS is NOT available to all Webkinz members. Members who select "other" as their country of residence, upon registering their account, will not be granted access. You will not receive the email from the parents area in order to access KinzChat PLUS services. You will not be granted access even if you contact Ganz directly.

KinzChat PLUS is different because it allows you to talk by typing your own messages. Webkinz World doesn't accept some words due to word filters. If you would like Ganz to add a word to the KinzChat Plus dictionary you can suggest a word. It is a box next to the area where you type. You can ask them to add any word and it could be added!

Areas in Webkinz World where you can access and use KinzChat PLUS include the Clubhouse, the Kinzville Park, the Coral Cove at the Vacation Island, and the Adventure Park.

Before entering any of the KinzChat PLUS areas, Webkinz World Members are required to agree to the KinzChat PLUS Rules. Violations of the KinzChat PLUS Rules can lead to warnings and temporary banning or permanent banning from the KinzChat PLUS areas.

The KinzChat PLUS Rules can be found at the following Ganz website:

The rules are divided into four categories. Clicking on each of the categories below will open up the more detailed rules as of October 2010. For the most recent version of the rules, please visit the Ganz Clubhouse Rules [1] website.

Disclosing Personal Information [2]

Discussing Inappropriate Topics

Disrespecting Other Members

Engaging in Disruptive Behavior

  2. It is against the Clubhouse Rules to tell others about social or personal websites. As such, using the phrase "Webkinz Insider" or even just "Insider" in KinzChat PLUS areas can lead to a warning and/or a temporary or permanant ban from the KinzChat PLUS areas.

Rooms in the Clubhouse

There are many rooms in the Clubhouse; there are certain rooms only in Regular Kinzchat, and certain rooms in Kinzchat PLUS. You can have a maximum of 10 people in a room. Some rooms on this list have either retired or they are new. Here is the list of rooms:



Restaurant Room (Retired)

Games Room (Retired)

Go Fish Room

Girls Rule Room (Retired)

Sports Room (Retired)

Reading Room (Retired)

Garden Yard (Retired)

Super Chef Room

Runway Room (Retired)

Judy Moody Room (Retired)

Party Room (Retired)

VIP Lounge (Retired)

Vacation Island: Coral Cove

KinzChat PLUS

Party Room (Retired)

Games Room (Retired)

Girls Rule Room (Retired)

Garden Yard (Retired)

Survey Room (Retired)

Super Chef Room (Retired)

Runway Room (Retired)

VIP Lounge (Retired)

Vacation Island: Coral Cove

Activity Rooms

Picture Name Retired
Doug's Collector Room No
Link'd Room No
Trading Room No

Event Rooms

Picture Name Retired
Daisy's Diner No

Hangout Rooms

Picture Name Retired
Bowling Alley Yes
Exercise Room No
Fancy Restaurant Room Yes
Fast Food Restaurant Yes
KinzAir Airport Room No
Kinzville Mall Room No
The Arcade No
VIP Lounge No

Party Rooms

There are also eight different Party Rooms (some of which are only available seasonally).

Click HERE to learn more about scheduling parties in the Party Rooms.

Picture Name Retired
Beach Party Room Yes
Big Top Party Room Yes
Blockbuster Party Room Yes
Cheerleader Party Room Yes
Enchanted Party Room Yes
Space Party Room Yes
Spring Celebration Party Room Yes
Valentine Party Room Yes

Role Playing Rooms

Picture Name Retired
The Boutique Room No

Special Event Rooms

From time to time, there are event rooms.

Picture Name Retired
Judy Moody Room Yes
Mirror Mirror Room Yes
Nakamas Room Yes
SantaKinz Room Seasonal
Dec 1st.-25th.
Theater Room Yes
Wizard Academy
Alyssa Common Room
Wizard Academy
Nafaria Common Room

Room Design Contest


From March 4 to April 3, 2014, Ganz ran a Clubhouse Room Design Contest on the Webkinz Newz. The judges' favorite ten room screenshots were featured on the Webkinz Newz, and users of the site voted on their favorites. The users whose rooms were featured received 500 KinzCash. The top three rooms voted by the community received a Room Design Trophy and a promise to have their rooms featured in the Clubhouse later in the year.

Trading Card