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Climbing Tentacles Maze

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The Climbing Tentacles Maze is part of the Dead End Dangers Maze Set.

Maze Goal: Reach the end within 2:00 (in ball) or 2:30 (on foot).

MAZIN' Moolah to collect: 83 MM

Reward: 80 KC for first win.

The Climbing Tentacles Maze contains 7 Rooms and 159 Tubes.

Direction Wallpaper
At the T on Patty Wallpaper, make a Right and then an immediate Left Pattydesign.png
Take the elevator up Elevatortubemaze.png
you will enter Garden Path Wallpaper at the top Gardenpathdesignmaze.png
Turn Left at the Garden Path T Gardenpathdesignmaze.png
Continue straight on Garden Path Gardenpathdesignmaze.png
Turn Left at the T on Blue Lectronix Bluelectronixdesignmaze.png
Enjoy your ride up the Tree Treecoastermaze.png
At the top of the tree, enter the Twilight tube Twilighttubes.png
At the T on Twilight, turn Left and then immediately Right Twilighttubes.png
Enter the Playground Room & Go up slide (You can use the steepest blue slide on the far right, - any slide works) 130px-Playgroundroom.png
Enter the tube at the top of the slide (Twilight wallpaper), Twilighttubes.png
On Metal Highway, take the first Left Metalhighwaydesignmaze.png
At the T where the Wallpaper Changes to Fresco, take the first Left on Fresco Frescohamsterwallpaper.png
Cross the Rope Bridge Room Ropebridgemaze.png
Enter Finish Room Finishroommaze.png
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