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Room Overview

The Classroom is an interactive room in the Clubhouse where you can chat or play in a room designed for student or teacher. It was added as a new room in August 2011.[1]



How to Play

To choose a set of phrases, click on the purple book and then the tab for the character phrases that you want to use. Student phrases are associated with the pencil icon/tab. Teacher phrases are associated with the apple icon/tab, and pop quiz phrases are associated with the lined paper icon/tab.


Interactive Phrases

Items in Room

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
1350-1.png An Air of Mystery Book W-Shop
1678-1.png Arte and the Lost Tomb W-Shop
1234-1.png Big City Window PSI - Alley Cat
1632-1.png Booger's Times Tables Poster Retired W-shop School Theme
1607-1.png Student Chair Retired W-shop School Theme
1610-1.png Classroom Chalkboard Retired W-shop School Theme
1612-1.png Classroom Clock Retired W-shop School Theme
1614-1.png Classroom TV Retired W-shop School Theme
1623-1.png Collegiate Chair Retired W-shop School Theme
1621-1.png Cubby Hole Cabinet Retired W-shop School Theme
3146-1.png Elegant Exposed Brick Walls W-Shop Upscale Condo Theme
1269-1.png Formula Blackboard Retired Kooky Scientist Theme
1271-1.png Geographic Globe Retired Kooky Scientist Theme
2211-1.png Light Pine Wood Flooring W-Shop Country & Western Theme
Popartpainting.png Pop Art Painting W-Shop
2688-1.png Potted Elm Tree Fall Fest Click-to-Win
1607-1.png Student Chair W-shop School Theme
1602-1.png Student Desk Retired W-shop School Theme
1609-1.png Teacher's Chair Retired W-shop School Theme
1608-1.png Teacher's Desk Retired W-shop School Theme
1290-1.png The Best of Fun Stuff W-Shop
1061-1.png The Kinzville Caper Storybook W-Shop
2715-1.png The New Cat in Town Book W-Shop
1058-1.png The Smarty Pants Storybook W-Shop
1170-1.png Ultimate Experiment Table Retired Kooky Scientist Theme
2362-1.png Wise Wizard Bookshelves W-Shop Wizard Theme