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Christmas Party Room

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Click HERE to learn more about scheduling parties in the Party Rooms.



Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
2079-1.png Antique Iron Stove wShop
2626-1.png Apple Clock Figurines
3141-1.png Brushed Steel Fridge wShop
File:eggnog.png Egg Nog Not Available
Festivefireplace.png Festive Fireplace Christmas Ornaments
Fluffyingtonsantiquearmchair.png Fluffington's Antique Armchair Trading Cards
3140-1.png Granite and Steel Counter wShop
Heartwarmingholidaywreath.png Heartwarming Holiday Wreath Christmas & Hanukkah
4252-1.png Jolly Holiday Dining Table Christmas & Hanukkah
5715-1.png Jumbleberry Pie Jumbleberry Fields
3134-1.png Lime Corinthian Dining Chair wShop
Msbirdyholidayplush.png Ms. Birdy Holiday Plush Holiday Gift
4200-1.png Santakinz' Sofa Christmas & Hanukkah
4207-1.png Santakinz' Workshop Flooring Christmas & Hanukkah
4208-1.png Santakinz' Workshop Walls Christmas & Hanukkah
4193-1.png Santakinz' Workshop (Not Wide) Window Christmas & Hanukkah
4240-1.png Santakinz' Workshop Wide Window Christmas & Hanukkah
1884-1.png Sparkling Christmas Tree Christmas & Hanukkah
5906-1.png Starlight Mint Sofa PSI
4500-1.png Stately Bookshelf Signature Exclusives


Christmaspartyroompack.png Christmashouseparty.png

The Christmas Party Room Pack, and House Pack, were available for purchase in the wShop in December 2011.

Christmas Party Food

During Christmas Parties, there are three exclusives foods you can get:

Picture Name How It's Earned
File:christmasjarofjellybeans.png Christmas Jar of Jellybeans Jellybean Challenge
File:christmasjellybeanpile.png Christmas Jellybean Pile Pinata
File:Glassofeggnog.png Glass of Egg Nog Clicking the Egg Nog