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Christmas Ornaments - Series 3

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The Christmas Cabinet Fridge is awarded to players who enter feature codes for all of this season's ornaments.


Snow Covered Decoration Set

  • Prancing Tinkerpup
  • Jingle Bell Garland
  • Santa Kinz Sleigh Topper
  • Christmas Composer
  • Snow Covered Base

Baby Trees Decoration Set

  • Swan Angel
  • Festive Forest Tree Base
  • Starry Night Garland
  • Shooting Star Topper
  • Classic Christmas Ornament[1]

  1. The Classic Christmas Ornament was originally called the Grill Ornament.

Terracotta Decoration Set

  • Precious Presents Garland
  • Terracotta Tree Base
  • Notable Christmas Ornament
  • Whimsical Gifts
  • Stained Glass Star Topper

Snow and Stone Decoration Set

  • Little Toy Train
  • Checking it Twice Ornament
  • Precious Paw Print Garland
  • Snow Garden Tree Base
  • Festive Flyer Tree Topper

Candy Cane Decoration Set

  • Wishing Well Tree Topper
  • Snow Stockings Garland
  • Candy Cane Carpet
  • Webkinz Hockey Hero
  • Christmas Tree Cookie